Meet on derketo, like it or not people around him to the people, is determined by two things – his appearance and behavior. If you don't like people, it is possible that in your appearance there is something fishy. Those who have a beautiful appearance, very lucky in life. They can not even take care of their behavior and appearance, and so they like people. Those who are beautiful appearance does not have to make the effort to look attractive. The Council in this case can be only one care for the body and good clothes. All this can transform your appearance.
Keep yourself in good physical shape, be neat, try to dress well, attend beauty salons. You're well-dressed and well-groomed men like more than an unkempt and poorly dressed? Exactly the same feelings people experience in relation to you, depending on how you look. Unfortunately, there are people with such physical characteristics that cannot be repaired by any fitness and no clothes. Any physical abnormally, ugly facial features, push them away, despite the fact that the qualities of such people can be very excellent. In this case, there is little to recommend, except that a visit to a plastic surgeon.
Escorted by muesli antipathy, inspires appearance, can be overcome, in terms of behavior, the perpetrators of hostility to themselves, we are most often ourselves. The reasons why one person may not like other people, has long been known to psychologists. Known and how to behave in order to please others.
Don't be too self-centered. To please people, we need to think not only about themselves but also to show interest in others. Praise their appearance, to inquire about what they care about, to pay tribute to their merit. The simplest phrase that a neighbor around the office a great hairstyle can make her happy for a few days – happy and grateful.
Get rid of the sullen, unhappy expression. Your sour face might tell others that they don't like you, or even that you despise them. Although in reality this is not true. Smile people. This obvious advice is known to all, but nevertheless many of them are neglected. Especially in Russia, foreigners are considered "Country grim-faced men." And try to see your smile were sincere, even if in fact it is not.
Addressing to the interlocutor, often call him by his name. It is well known fact that the most pleasant for a human sound – that's his name, sounding in the mouths of others. Especially if it comes in a gentle form of: Olga, Igor, Lev, etc.
Listen to the people. It is sometimes difficult, especially when dealing with very talkative people. But you have to overcome yourself. A lot from you and is not required. People love to talk about themselves, which is absolutely unnecessary to motivate them. Just listen and look them in the eye.If you have to be the initiator of the conversation, then talk about what is interesting to your interlocutor. Or, at least, not saying that he does not care. So listen more and speak a little about that part of the range of interests of the interlocutor. And all of you will consider a great conversationalist and love to chat with you.
Do not be conflict, don't argue for any little thing. There are people obsessed with the desire to "cut in the eyes of the truth-womb" of his interlocutors – about themselves, about events, about everything. Such people no one likes, so don't be so. Let the interviewee have their own opinion about everything, not resusitate or attempt to instruct on known only to you the path of truth. Still you are not convince anyone and will only increase the range of your detractors. Be, as they say, political.