You will need
  • program Dekart Key Manager.
Download to the hard drive the program Dekart Key Manager and install the operating system. You can find on the website This program is paid software, and for the opportunity to use you have to pay the developer. Try a similar software to install to the system directory of the local disk on a personal computer.
Run the program by clicking the shortcut on the desktop or via menu "start". The main window is divided into two areas with the main-menu control over them. On the left a list of connected devices with keys, to the right the contents of the selected container.
Plug the new usb key with the buttons of the control program. Create a copy of the key, click on the corresponding menu item File – Save As or the Open icon. You can insert various types of media. As a rule, mark and the volume of the media role in this operation is not playing.
Create a copy of an existing key to another usb drive with the program. Select the menu item Edit – Copy to. In the ensuing window select the media to copy and click Copy. Media content key is fully copied onto a USB drive.
An important disadvantage of this program is the lack of support for modern operating systems. Development versions of the program stayed on the level of Windows XP, and when running under Windows 7 possible unexpected errors in the application. It is also worth noting that for more reliable performance you need to use a licensed antivirus software, ensure that your PC is protected from intrusion of various malicious programs.