Advice 1: The choice of pool: inflatable or frame

Not every owner of a suburban or country homes has the means and desire to build on the site the real pool, its construction and subsequent maintenance is a quite costly and troublesome. But everyone in the summer can put on the site a temporary swimming pool – frame or inflatable.
The choice of pool: inflatable or frame

Advantages and disadvantages of frame pools

Frame pool represents a basic plastic or steel fasteners covered with several layers of durable and cold-resistant polyvinylchloride film. For strength the lower section is double layered, so even if the bottom layer is damaged, the integrity of the pool will not be disturbed. Outer coat, generally of a softer polystyrene. Specially designed team design these pools has enhanced strength, it allows you to maintain its size and shape, which makes it possible to increase its volume and increases comfort.

The advantages include the convenient operation – metal frame pools easy to clean and is equipped with special equipment for cleaning. Inflating them is not necessary – it is sufficient to find in the country or local area level the place, pave it and install a swimming pool. But special requirements to the location of the pool could be a disadvantage – one unnoticed in the grass the stone will be quite noticeable when moving bare feet on the bottom of the pool.

Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable pools

Inflatable pools are also made of double-layer polivinilchloride tough film between layers using the pump pumped the air. Because of design features, such pools may not be large in volume and often used in the "children's" version, so many models have an inflatable bottom, more safe for children. Inflatable low and soft ledges of pools also convenient for the child to be able to sit on them.

The disadvantages include risk of mechanical damage, but "kit", which is applied to some models, will help to seal the formed cut or hole.These "patches" are kept for several seasons, prolonging the lifetime of the inflatable pool even with serious injuries.
In recent times, there are inflatable pools, which use SUPER-TOUGH, significantly increasing their resistance to mechanical damage.

What kind of pool to purchase

Having decided to buy the pool, make a choice based on the needs. For the smallest members of your family the best option would be an inflatable pool with tent, protecting kids from the sun. If the children are older and they will be adults, get frame option.
The cost of inflatable pools is lower than the frame.

As for the manufacturer, well in the Russian market have proven to pools the company Intex. Judging by the reviews on forums on the Internet, companies such as: ParaDiso, Atlantic Pool, BestWay manufacturing as inflatable and frame pools, also produce safe products of high quality and original design for every taste.

Advice 2: Where to put the chemicals in the frame pool

Frame pools are a great alternative to natural bodies of water: rivers, lakes, ponds. Their benefits have long been appreciated by the owners of country houses and cottages, but don't deny the obvious: to swim in the crystal clear water, it is necessary to know the rules of care of the pool.
Frame pool
Frame pool on a plot of your own home is a recognized pleasure, but his owners know that they require special care. First and foremost is purification from organic and inorganic debris.

Typically, these artificial reservoirs are installed in an open space. This allows the water to warm up under direct sunlight. While on its surface gets contaminated by dust, precipitation, traces of which are deposited on the walls of the pool. To learn about the contamination by the color of water: it changes, takes on a milky or greenish tint.

Chemical processing frame pool

With pollution affecting pools, can be controlled in two ways: using filters and special chemicals for cleaning. If you apply several medications in the complex, the cleaning will be more effective and easier. Chemicals for frame pool must contain active oxygen, bromine and chlorine.

The use of active oxygen will bring 100% result, it will disappear all bacteria, without harm to the environment and humans. The chemical is added to water, but the pump during the treatment should work out about 7 hours after that to move in reverse to clean the filter. Further the device according to care instructions.

Bromine is less effective, but does not guarantee the complete disappearance of the bacteria. It has no smell, but the price is more expensive than chlorine.

The cheapest product is the chlorine, but it has its disadvantages: strong smell and the provocation of allergic reactions. OK to use chargenerator, which is filled with salt. Fixture installed in the pool, and after the reaction of the electrolysis of the salt turning into chlorine, is excellent disinfectant and the water is in the sea. In the complex you must have installed recirculating cleaning pump.

Hydrogen peroxide is characterized by rapidly disappearing smell, but the liquid with a high concentration can cause burns. Poured directly into the water of 35-37% aqueous solution in an amount of 700 ml per 1 cubic meter of water. Capacity with this chemical set tightly to the side of the pool. Removing the covers from cans your hands should be protected rubber gloves. Then lower into the neck of a narrow rubber hose, and the free end move 200 mm to the nozzle of the circulating pump. Pumping peroxides will occur instantly if the pressure in the pump is sufficient. Throughout the chemical. processing the device needs to be active.

Rules for storing chemicals

Cleaning of pool are best kept in tightly closed original packages or plastic boxes in a dry ventilated place. Concentrates need to be added to the water. Don't throw granules and tablets into the pool, and bring to a powder and put in special floats. Different composition of chemicals not to mix together.

Thanks to the consistent and professional approach, your pool will always look hygienically clean and attractive. Knowledge of proper use of chemicals will allow time to eliminate all traces of pollution.
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