Advantages and disadvantages of frame pools

Frame pool represents a basic plastic or steel fasteners covered with several layers of durable and cold-resistant polyvinylchloride film. For strength the lower section is double layered, so even if the bottom layer is damaged, the integrity of the pool will not be disturbed. Outer coat, generally of a softer polystyrene. Specially designed team design these pools has enhanced strength, it allows you to maintain its size and shape, which makes it possible to increase its volume and increases comfort.

The advantages include the convenient operation – metal frame pools easy to clean and is equipped with special equipment for cleaning. Inflating them is not necessary – it is sufficient to find in the country or local area level the place, pave it and install a swimming pool. But special requirements to the location of the pool could be a disadvantage – one unnoticed in the grass the stone will be quite noticeable when moving bare feet on the bottom of the pool.

Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable pools

Inflatable pools are also made of double-layer polivinilchloride tough film between layers using the pump pumped the air. Because of design features, such pools may not be large in volume and often used in the "children's" version, so many models have an inflatable bottom, more safe for children. Inflatable low and soft ledges of pools also convenient for the child to be able to sit on them.

The disadvantages include risk of mechanical damage, but "kit", which is applied to some models, will help to seal the formed cut or hole.These "patches" are kept for several seasons, prolonging the lifetime of the inflatable pool even with serious injuries.
In recent times, there are inflatable pools, which use SUPER-TOUGH, significantly increasing their resistance to mechanical damage.

What kind of pool to purchase

Having decided to buy the pool, make a choice based on the needs. For the smallest members of your family the best option would be an inflatable pool with tent, protecting kids from the sun. If the children are older and they will be adults, get frame option.
The cost of inflatable pools is lower than the frame.

As for the manufacturer, well in the Russian market have proven to pools the company Intex. Judging by the reviews on forums on the Internet, companies such as: ParaDiso, Atlantic Pool, BestWay manufacturing as inflatable and frame pools, also produce safe products of high quality and original design for every taste.