Why you need a flute

Now often pave the wiring in the plastic corrugation. This allows, first, to compensate for deformation of the wires, the inevitable shrinkage of the building and, secondly, to provide high-quality protection of wiring from any external influences, including mechanical damage, exposure to steam and moisture. Moreover, the corrugation will protect against possible electric shock defeats of the workers performing finishing of premises, for example if they shed the posting of the primer or hook it with a spatula.

In soupstrainer private homes wiring should be laid with extreme care, as the building shrinks. The corrugation acts as an additional factor of safety.

When the ripple is not necessary

At the same time, the corrugation is not strictly mandatory part of the wiring harness and in some cases, without it you can easily do. If the wiring is carried out in shtrobah that will subsequently plastered, then the transaction is not in danger and without the corrugations, because it is securely sealed in the wall or ceiling.
In modern construction, the corrugation is mainly used in plasterboard walls, if the wall is brick or concrete, the wiring put in stroebe - specially punched into the wall of the chute.

Corrugation is also not required if there will be a cable with external insulation. This cable is designed for harsh operating conditions, it is often possible to run outdoors, but because it has a high margin of safety. It can be put even inside the hollow walls and ceilings without fear of tearing.

How else to protect the wiring

At the same time when the wiring within the floor (especially wood), or attics, it is better to use a flute (and in the latter case, a solid tube). Corrugation sometimes replace the plastic cable channel, which, of course, somewhat inferior in terms of security and ease of installation, but also well protects the wiring from mechanical damage. Besides, it's almost the only way new wires in if not planned the overhaul. However for the dwelling, this method is not well suited due to unaesthetic appearance.
In offices when it is impossible to permanently vacate the premises by servants laying the wiring in the cable channel is the fastest and most accurate way to replace electricians.

Thus, the use of corrugations in electrical engineering in most cases is preferable, but if provided durable fixation and high-quality wiring insulation, it is possible to do without it.