You will need
  • - special devices for detecting wiring;
  • radio with a frequency of 100 kHz.
Apply alarm E121 ("Woodpecker") to detect hidden wiring. With its help it is possible to determine and the failure of energized wires. They are professional electricians. The discovery of the hidden wiring, which is located at a depth of approximately 5-7 cm for this device no problem.
Use the probe MS-58M, it is easy to detect steel, aluminum, copper and metal objects. The exception is shielded, for example, foil of products. Detection depth will depend on the type, mass and dimensions of the material.
You can use a cheap analogue of the Russian "Woodpecker" - switch to flush, marks MS, made in China. This device is sensitive to various kinds of metal objects. Working with him must be able to distinguish signals upon detection of concealed wiring, for example, screws. Such devices becoming mostly novice electricians or lovers.
To help in the search of concealed wiring can the device POSP-1. He also warns of the presence of the switch AC electric field. In addition, finding hidden electrowiring using the voltage tester in the following grades: GVD-503, GVT-92, GVD-504A. To make contactless to determine hidden track wiring and breaks in the wires, use the device VP-440.
If you don't want to spend money on any devices, you can use "old-fashioned" method. Turn on the old radio, walk with him along the walls. Specific crackles and increased noise betrayed the location of the hidden wiring.
To visually identify the location of concealed wiring is possible on a rough surface of the walls in those places where she passes. To do this, however, will have to clear them of Wallpaper (if available).