On the plane to Lipetsk to fly makes no sense — the distance is small. Therefore, the main transport is the train long distance. You can use the flight "Moscow — Nalchik", "Moscow — Rostov-on-don", "Moscow — Astrakhan", "Moscow — Baku", which depart from Kursky station of the Russian capital. Get off at the station "Lipetsk", and the journey time is 10 hours and 45 minutes.
You can reach Lipetsk on the bus. From Paveletsky bus a day leaves eight flights "Moscow — Lipetsk". The final stop of the "Bus station". And yet the bus "Moscow — Lipetsk" six times a day depart from Kozhevnicheskaya street. In this case, it is necessary to go to the station "Lipetsk. Square train station". The journey time in both cases is equal to 7 hours 15 minutes.
Those who do not like to travel by train or by bus, prefer to travel by car. And this method has its advantages — you can choose any road and go as you like, and not as driven. The first option is the trip from Moscow to Lipetsk — it is necessary to move on the highway M-4 don, in the future turning into the highway R-126, which will lead to the outskirts of Lipetsk.
According to the second embodiment, it is possible to get to Lipetsk again on the highway M-4 don. Only this time it is necessary to pass the cities of Novomoskovsk and Elec. And then turn to Lipetsk and go straight.
There is a third option, though more complicated than the previous two, but the road surface, but that should not scare anyone. Because the road surface is better and you can move with greater speed. We are talking about the path through Ryazan and Tambov on the route M-5 Ural and R-22 the Caspian sea. After Tambov need to take a sharp left and straight, will not turning, drive to Lipetsk. All three options will take time-about 7 hours 30 minutes. Unless, of course, there will be no major traffic jams.