The word "pseudonym" (from the Greek pseudonymos - "false name") refers to the name that person uses in any public activities instead of the present. The reasons for the use of a pseudonym can be very different. Fear of persecution by the authorities or radical critics, the desire to get rid of the dissonant name, the desire to conceal the origin, or gender – this is not a complete list of reasons why people write under pseudonyms. Some authors are known only under pseudonyms, but their real names know only literary scholars. Regardless of why you use a pseudonym, if his choice should be guided by a certain logic.
First, your name should be euphonious, of course, if you initially do not set themselves the opposite problem (for example, to amuse or confuse readers). Surname (or a combination of initials and names) must not be in tune with the abusive, negative words. Record the alias in English letters: maybe a name, an innocuous-looking in Russian, will be funny or offensive to English speaking people. Don't forget to try all the combinations of name, to avoid unpleasant incidents.
You should not choose as the alias for the names of famous people, especially writers, because you can accuse of attempt of assignment of someone else's fame. However, it is permissible to beat famous name by changing a few letters. On the other hand, such a step will enable the readers to suspect you in borrowing not only the name but also creative ideas.
Many authors in search of alias were treated to the history of his own family, because sometimes the maiden name of great-grandmother, for example, is much more attractive and harmonious than the real name of the writer. In addition, this option allows you to save the family heritage.
One of the most popular way to create a pseudonym is a play on my real name and surname. Take the first or last letters of the name, add a syllable or two of the names, and maybe you'll have a great sounding alias. Oddly enough, but quite a large number of aliases came from children's nicknames and nicknames.