Faster thing would be to get to the Eisk on the airplane, but the problem is that not far from this village there is no airport. The nearest is located in Gelendzhik. But there is no sense to first fly there and then 4 hours to shake the bus. Therefore, the most common way to travel in Yeysk is a bus. On even numbers from the bus station, which is located near metro Krasnogvardeyskaya, leaves the bus "Moscow — Mines", which must go to stop "Yeysk". Travel time, under favorable traffic conditions, is 18 hours.
Also to Eisk and can be reached by long distance train, three times a day departs from the Kursk railway station of the Russian capital. You then need to get to the station "Krasnodar-1" and then take bus n. 46 and go to station "Yeysk. The route". The total journey time of 26 hours.
Many reach the town by car. For this we need almost all the time to go on the highway M4 don via Novomoskovsk, Yelets, Voronezh and Rostov-on-don. From the latter city to Eisk not more than 35 kilometers. The most important thing is not to miss a turn because the pointer was not very large and at the speed it can be elementary not to notice and move closer to Krasnodar. The road from Moscow to the town takes approximately 20 hours and 30 minutes. However, much depends on the time of year. In winter, when a lot of snow, the journey may take, and in the summer when the weather is good, on the contrary, decrease.
There is a second option of travel by car in Yeysk, again on the highway M4 don, but only through the Tambov, Lipetsk and Volgograd. Despite the fact that this road will have to drive the extra 150 miles, it may happen even faster than in the first embodiment. Because the coating of the highway that goes through Volgograd, very high quality, and the congestion is smaller.