Prepare a "stain". To do this, mix 1 teaspoon of acetic acid with potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate take the tip of a knife). Under the sheet with which you want to display blot, gel pen set, place a clean sheet of crisp white paper. Dip in the prepared solution with a cotton swab, then blotted movements apply the liquid to the output spot. As a result of this procedure, the ink will dissolve, but the paper will have a brownish-pink stain. To remove it, put it under the sheet of paper, soft cloth, and the top sheet of blank paper. Iron the spot with a warm iron. After this method of dissolving the ink can remain an unpleasant smell of vinegar, don't worry, after a while it will erode.
Remove the inscription gel pen, with the help of chlorine concentrate. For this spread "Whiteness" in a small amount of water. Then dip it in bleach solution with a cotton swab and treat the problem area of the paper. But this method of removing ink, use only in case, if the paper is white (on colored paper will remain white spot).
Mix equal proportions of ethyl alcohol and glycerin. After the "stain" apply with a thin brush or cotton swab on the displayed label. If necessary the procedure can be repeated.
Get rid of the blot with a solution consisting of ½ tbsp salt, ½ tbsp of hydrochloric acid and 1 tablespoon of water. Dip into this mixture with a cotton swab and treat the problem area. This tool use for removing gel pens only in the case if the inscription is made on white paper.