You will need
  • - the game Counter Strike
  • - Ethernet
You first need a network connection. At the very least, you can connect two or more computers. After that you need to know the IP address of the server that will be a game. In local networks usually have a stable working server CS, so it address know almost all the players.
When you play on the server usually requires the game version of "Bild". So downloaded this version. We install the game. Run Counter Strike. After loading, press the "~" (tilde). Appears gaming console. Enter the command "connect" and the IP address of the server. Press "enter".
After download resources and maps pick the team. Playing on the server, you need to consider not only private interests but also the interests of the team as a whole. There is no need to throw grenades, falling at the same time on my team. Besides, on some servers open mode "friendly fire". In this mode you can injure and even kill a teammate. Active chat is always welcome. Communicating with each other, the players support team actions. Turn on the chat by pressing "Y". You can use the microphone to transmit radio voice. The headset is activated by pressing "K".