Parrots can scratch its feathers up to three hours a day is absolutely fine. Sometimes they RUB their head with a foot and even feed her through the bars of the cage. However, it is worth remembering that parrots are itching not only for hygienic reasons. Active scratching may indicate that your pet has come the shedding period, this can be reported and feathers scattered around the cage. Parrot combs the legs of old feathers to make room for the new. During moulting is necessary to monitor the diet of a parrot, your pet must get enough calcium.
If you think your parrot's itchy too active, it is possible to see fallen feathers. They should not be traces of blood, and they should not be too shredded, that is to have damage. Perhaps the room is too dry, this parrot itches too often. Humidity should be approximately 70%. Skin the birds dry dehydrated and itchy. For moisturizing the skin, a parrot has to swim regularly, also you can from time to time to spray the bird from a spray bottle.
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Signs that a bird is scratched by unnatural causes, is the flaking of the beak and claws. When the first symptoms of sickness it is urgent to show the parrot to the veterinary doctor. If you keep a few birds, a sick parrot, you must isolate gave him the quarantine.
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Another reason for the "pruritus" of a parrot can be a variety of parasites, such as mites and properiety. In this case, an urgent need to treat the cage and all accessories special disinfectants, and the bird must pass the appropriate course of treatment, it shall appoint a veterinarian.
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If you found no signs of infection or parasites, but still it seems that the bird scratched too often, just watch for the pet. If a bird swims, flies well and has a remarkable appetite, his regular "pruritus" is just one of the manifestations of activity. Maybe he's just too clean, and there is no cause for concern.
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