Advice 1: Where to go with children in Voronezh

Every Russian city has its own attractions, recreation, cultural, Wellness, entertainment centers where you can spend your free time, take a walk with your child, to entertain him. In Voronezh such places.
Where to go with children in Voronezh
If the child's age from 2 to 10 years, will visit the biggest and unique of its kind children's center Star&Mlad in city Park Grad. Its territory is 2000 sq. m., and recreation areas here so much that one day you will hardly cover all. Because in this place you can come more than once. Here the animators, teachers, educators. Includes center eight gaming areas. Among them Speedway, children's theatre, creative room, room of mother and child and others.
Be sure to go to Voronezh Oceanarium, in which the child can show a lot of aquariums, terrariums, cages with marine animals and various species of fish. The aquarium is located on the territory of the city Castle. By the way, this kind of complexes exist on the territory of Russia only in three places – in Voronezh, Sochi and Saint-Petersburg.
Young viewers will be interested to visit Voronezh planetarium. Program presented by the set, designed not only for adults but also for kids starting from 4 years of age. The complex is situated at Generala lizyukova.
Go next weekend with a child in one of the entertainment centers located near your home. Among them is the amusement Park CRAZY PARK, entertainment complex "Parnassus" center "Maksimir", entertainment center "Igromax", aquapark Fishka, "Not the macrame" - paintball club.
In the winter, work successfully in all parts of the city ice rinks. Visit their whole family. If there are no skates available, stop the choice on those rinks where there is a rental skates of different sizes.
Don't forget that in Voronezh operates year-round circus, performance that demonstrates how a troupe of the city, and visiting artists, among them there are world famous groups.
Voronezh opens the doors of theaters for children for moms, dads and their children. Increase cultural education of your child, accustoming him to the theater arts from a young age. Ask the children's productions in Voronezh theatres – "the Clown", "Wonderland", TYUZ (Theater of young spectators).
In each district of Voronezh there are children's centres of development for children of different ages. In the centres there are mugs on interests, development groups, health care team, are consulted professionals, teachers, children's doctors.

Advice 2: Where to go in Voronezh

Voronezh is one of the oldest Russian cities. It is located on the banks of the same river, just ten kilometers from its confluence with the don. The city is a major transportation hub located at the intersection of important Railways and highways. Despite its provincialism, it has a unique historic character and rich cultural potential that has in its walls a lot of tourists.
Where to go in Voronezh
In Voronezh many cultural attractions, which speak eloquently about the rich history of this city. The centre of Orthodox life is the Annunciation Cathedral. It is the third largest temple of the country and one of the highest Orthodox temples of the world. Its construction was completed in 2009. It was built on the site of a wooden Church, built in the 17th century.Near the Cathedral you can see a rather unusual building is the only monument in the world the DNA molecule. He was in the city for more than forty years ago from Moscow, Zelenograd, where he came to taste the local authorities. The Voronezh residents were changing the stele for a few tons of metal and put it in the center of the city.Take a stroll along the embankment of the Voronezh reservoir in the middle of which, near the Vogresovsky bridge, on the concrete base stands a mock-gun ship called "mercury". This is one of those ships that were built at the local shipyard under Peter the First. Voronezh is the birthplace of the Russian Navy. On Revolution Avenue you can see the monument to Peter. The Emperor stands on a pedestal of red granite, with the left hand he points forward, and the right rests on an anchor, which symbolizes the birth of the Navy. Around the statue you will find a cosy square, where they like to spend summer evenings the locals. Behind the monument is the Petrovsky passage is one of the popular entertainment centers of Voronezh. Be sure to go to the street lizyukova, on the spot where it was before the tarmac of the old airfield. Now here is a monument "Voronezh – birthplace of the Navy." It is at this place in 1930, successfully landed the first paratroopers of the Soviet Union, consisting of twelve paratroopers. Now this looks like a stele in the form of a huge parachute. Near it is a monument to the kitten Vasiliy – hero of the famous cartoon "the Kitten from lizyukov street". Voronezh citizens are proud of their optimistic attraction. City cat Basil also came to taste. They never tire of snap closures their cameras have metal trees, where it sits for a couple with a crow.And at the entrance to the local puppet theater is a monument to White BIM the Black Ear, the hero of the eponymous book writer Gabriel Troepolskogo, a native of Voronezh. This is one of those monuments that make passers-by stop and at the same time feel the excitement, tenderness and anxiety.Visit the house-Museum of the famous trainer, and founder of the legendary dynasty of circus Anatoly Durov. It is located in the historical centre of Voronezh, where are also located the Museum of the Arsenal and Alekseevsky monastery.

Advice 3: Where to go this weekend in St. Petersburg

In this beautiful city you can find a lot of opportunities for fun, interesting and useful to spend their weekends. Perhaps half a lifetime will not be enough to visit all the historic, exotic, mystical and entertaining areas. Good tips for sightseeing you can give friends and acquaintances. And can access the Internet and look for a program of performances of famous artists, performances and cinema, modes of exhibitions and museums.
Where to go this weekend in St. Petersburg

View the city from a height. This can be done by climbing the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, or taking part in excursions on the roofs. A beautiful panorama of the Central part of the city opens from the roof of the Museum is the photo Studio of Karl Bulla.

If you fond of mysticism, go to the attraction "Horrors of Petersburg". Having been in each of the 13 rooms, you will learn the history and literature of this city, with the famous St. Petersburg of the past. Your impressions will be reinforced using a perfectly conceived and executed special effects, robots and talented game of actors.

Go on a Cycling tour in Alexandria Park, near the fountains of Peterhof, admire its beautiful arrangement in English style as well as magnificent views of the Gulf of Finland.

A fascinating journey for you and your children will be visiting the ice rink or the famous water Park "Waterville" with amazing slides and water attractions. On Krestovsky island, you can visit the Park "Divo Island. Extreme entertainment and performances by pop stars will turn your stay into a real show.

A pleasant surprise for your child will visit the "Dino-Park". Getting into it, if you are transported into another time, in the distant past, discovering the amazing world of dinosaurs. This indoor Park, so no weather will not spoil your fun. Tropical forest with tall trees and hanging vines, rides, mazes, a visit to the Museum will bring a lot of pleasant experiences. Adults can sit in a cozy cafe while the kids have fun. Its walls are transparent, so you don't lose sight of the child.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of nature, having made a visit to the live butterfly garden "MINDO" or to the Aquarium, where there are about one hundred and fifty species of fish and various mammals, including sharks and seals, which are held daily interesting shows.

Visit the ostrich farm near St. Petersburg. They breed black African ostriches and peacocks, turkeys and pheasants. You can listen to an interesting excursion about these birds, and buy meat and feathers of ostriches or Souvenirs from the shells of their eggs.

If you love cats then you will love a visit to the "Republic of cats" in the city centre. Here you can see not only the smart, charming Pets, but also to see the Museum dedicated to them, to sit and enjoy a Cup of tea in the club, read a book from the "Cat library".

Good summer day to walk along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on one of the many boats, and if you prefer an active vacation, then you might like the Norwegian rope Park, which has trails, stairs, and bungee-jumping for people of any ages and different physical fitness.

Advice 4: Where to go with kids in the summer in Saint-Petersburg

Summer is a special time for families with children. Someone is going to the country, someone at sea, and someone in the cultural capital of Russia - Saint Petersburg. Top 5 places for summer holidays with children in St. Petersburg.
Where to go with kids in the summer in Saint-Petersburg
Museum of electric transport of Saint Petersburg. This is a great place to look for round-eyed retro-trams of the century, to sit in the old wooden seats, pull the cord of an electric bell, and stand on the steps. You can even see rare models of trolleybuses and, for an additional fee, ride the wooden tram.
Trolley Museum
Museum of railway machinery - Europe's largest Museum under the open sky. Any boy will love the locomotives, built in the nineteenth century, a huge platform for military equipment and a neat little cars pre-revolutionary period. Tours are conducted daily and built a very interesting and informative.
Museum of railway machinery
A trip to aquabus is not only an easy way to get from one district to another, but also the little water trip, especially for children. The trip is not so long as tedious trips on rivers and canals, the boat reaches high speed, and the wind and the spray in the face like most young adventurers. An added bonus to the trip on aquabase is that the moorings are located close to the attractions.
Museum "Grand Maket Rossiya" is open not only in summer but if You come to St. Petersburg on vacation, do not miss this place. A huge area is given over to the Russian model, which includes not only landscapes, but also figures of people, moving vehicles, changing time of day and time of year. In the Grand Layout, it is better not to plan other things because of time to consider together with the child will take at least three hours. For those who are tired and hungry, the Museum has a large cafeteria with a play area.
For those children and adults who want an active summer pastime, a popular amusement Park "Divo Ostrov". Coming here, You will find any entertainment from a very safe for young children to the extreme - for Teens and adults. Also close to Central Park "Elagin Island", where you can relax on the manicured lawn, ride on rollers and skateboards on the boardwalk and ride on parkowski ponds on a rented boat.

Advice 5: Where you can go with a child 2 years

In two years, the children understand almost everything that adults tell them. Therefore, parents who want to give the baby everything necessary for the development, start to drive it to all events, wherever you can get. And although the baby is in principle ready to receive large amounts of information, not all active occupations suited to it, because something it may simply not be interested, but for a long out he doesn't have enough patience.
Where you can go with a child 2 years
Walk in the Park

To walk in the Park turned to the kid at nightmare, you need to bring buggies or Bicycle handle, which will push an adult. The baby is not physically able to take you 5 miles, enjoying the fresh air and views of rare plants. It is worth remembering that the limit of patience of the child at this age is 25-30 minutes, so you should think about the route. It is desirable that the path brought you to the pond or the Playground, because to observe the alternation of birches, oaks and limes baby will quickly get bored. You can grab a something to eat and have a picnic, observing, of course, the rules of safety and hygiene. In fact, walking in the Park is one of the least dangerous for the baby ways to spend time, there is not likely to get any infection from a sick person, constant supervision is unlikely to injury.
Theatres and cinemas

Many moms dream of a time when you can take your child to the show. Actually 2 years is not a good time for this. The child is difficult to understand everything that happens on stage, to follow the plot, and just understanding the words. The same applies to the cartoons, as a rule, all that is in the movie, lasts at least one and a half hours, and the kids are getting antsy by the end of the promotional trailers. The only exceptions are short performances in theatres young thrilla, puppet theaters and children's theater studios, but these programs can be found not in all cities. In addition, do not expect something special for the first time. Your baby may just be frightened, so it is better to postpone the first performance at least up to three years.

Unfortunately, the museums that may interest small children, has not in all cities. And here to drag two year old child in the local history simply unreasonable to touch and twist there is nothing, around glass Windows, and see nothing. Another thing - the puppet Museum or the vintage car, the kids can spend a lot of time in such a place.
The game centers training

It is ideal for two year old children, as a rule, such centres have been established on the basis of kindergartens or special schools development. There are a lot of toys, groups in which classes are small, so a conflict situation is unlikely, and the risk of Contracting the flu is also not as high as in a regular kindergarten group. In addition, all games are conducted under the supervision of a child psychologist, so moms and dads can learn something new about your Chad, as a specialist looks at the child differently than parents.
Amusement parks

2 years is the age when the child actively explores space, including new and already knows how to demand. Therefore, going to the Park with a carousel with the baby, moms and dads needs to be prepared for the fact that it will quickly scamper from one attraction to another and could have cried, if to deny him the tenth session of riding on the train. However, some may simply be scared of sounds and light.
Shopping malls

Visiting shopping malls on the weekends has become a common leisure many families in our country. Children during adult shopping go to the special recreation centres. Two years, as a rule, do not take back, and rightly so. Played five can just ignore the baby, knock down, be accidentally pushed. In addition, such close contact is not too good for a fragile baby's immune system. In any case, it is a choice moms and dads, whether to go with kids for shopping.
Water parks

In 2 years the child already coordinated, perfectly controlled hands and feet, so you can enjoy the water Park. Kids somehow love the pools more than the sea, so don't be surprised that 2 hours in such a place you will remember him more than a month in Sunny beach. It is important not to lose sight of him.
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