Advice 1: How to learn to control your anger

Anger is a pretty strong emotion, has a destructive effect on people. Giving in to rage, you cease to listen to their own mind. In this state, you can do something about which later you will regret. It is therefore important to get the anger under control.
Keep negative emotions under control
Try to solve a problem that causes you anger. Perhaps you are outraged by the unfair treatment. And I feel that will soon begin in earnest to boil. Hold the situation. Do your best to stand up for themselves and defend their opinion. Then the reason for the anger will not. This method is good, logical, but not always applicable. There are situations when it is necessary to clear negative emotions, but their reason to eliminate it promptly fails.
Follow the words. Curses, insults, and the increased tone may be the beginning of this scandal. Banal way, when you need to count to ten before you open your mouth in a fit of rage, it works. Even in such a short period of inactivity, the mind begins to take precedence over negative emotions.
Find the accumulated unpleasant feelings. Rock out to while cleaning or at the gym. Draw a picture of your abuser in a caricature style, imagine him in a bad, ridiculous situation.
Take a break from their worries. In a poignant moment, when your emotions just about ready to boil, switch to the problem. Put yourself in the place of the person calling you negative, try to understand the content of his phrases. The expression of empathy will help you to first understand that you were wrong, and then to calm down.
Learn to forgive. Condescending attitude to other people's errors, love for others and faith in people will help you avoid angry outbursts. If you in each person will see the threat of the enemy, the negative emotions will not be avoided.
Watch your health. Loss of vitality, loss of energy and body resources, reduce your ability to resist negative emotions on virtually no. At the same time good health and condition will help you to build immunity against the outbreaks of anger and rage.

Advice 2 : How to control aggression

Aggressive people tend to act hostile: to destroy, to attack, to argue. Aggressiveness can be managed and unmanaged. If it is unmanaged, such an emotion is harmful, as any other. Often angry outbursts are the result of sleep disorders, feelings of stress, dissatisfaction or permanent conflicts with loved ones.
How to control aggression
When you feel that something you exasperated, try to stay at their actions and distance myself from the situation (move away from the person who is annoying on the street, go into the other room, etc.).
Practice calm presence. The surface of the lake as it responds to the outside world? Yes it does: it simply reflects, and all. So you practice to perceive what is happening around, and not to react.
And you can learn to translate aggression in another direction, for example on physical exercises. Do drums, sharp movements, exclamations. Good karate or any other martial arts.
If you're angry at someone, try to put yourself mentally in the place of this man. Think about why he behaves and what he is right.
Don't pay attention to minor stimuli. Try to live as though this day today is the last in your life.
Don't blame the troubles of others. Try to forgive them, because the disadvantages of each.
Terminate aggressive thoughts unpleasant action which is directed at myself. For example, biting yourself gently lip. After some time conditional reflex, which allows you to control the aggression.Or learn to put blocks on the impulses of aggression: select a word or phrase (e.g., "Stop"), and recite it to myself whenever I feel like taking off.
Try to restrain yourself from rising voices: take a deep breath when you want to scream, and imagine exhaling the anger out of you. And only then start to communicate.
Always, when you have violent thoughts, find three reason why this is unwise.
Share your anxiety with someone you trust. Tell him your negative emotions, and it will be easier to cope with them.
Keep a diary of your outbreaks of aggression. Write them down, and the circumstances under which they occur in the head and also your actions. Review your notes several times a week and analyze them. You will be able to understand them and to find out the cause of aggressiveness.
To smile, find your anger at other people funny. Interrupt aggression, Recalling anecdotes and jokes.
Learn to discharge nervous tension and relax. This could be meditation, sport, meditating, socializing with friends, relaxation music, etc.
Relax. If you sleep a little, then manage by itself cannot be considered.
Engage in revising their life values. You fight and scream not just because of the fact that overwhelmed with emotion but because he forgot about respect to other people. When you're ready to yell at the family member, friend or even a stranger, remember that they too have a right to dignity and well-being, as well as you.

Advice 3 : How to learn to restrain anger

To control your emotions is sometimes very difficult. But to look in the eyes of other people, you must work on yourself and learn to restrain anger and irritability. Anger destroys relationships. Words spoken in angere, leaves a bad trail, and the decisions in this state are likely to be incorrect.
How to learn to restrain anger
Try to understand the reasons that cause you anger. Is the provocateur of a certain person or kind of a sore subject? Or you're angry at any remark in your address? If you're being annoying, keep your communication to a minimum, and when a chance encounter force yourself to smile and politely say Hello. If you can't handle a certain topic of conversation, avoid it, or try to take in its discussion of passive participation. If outbreaks of angerand appear at any remark in your address, you need to work on your personal worldview and ability to accept criticism.
Imagine how you look from the side during the outbreak of anger, and how you perceive the source. If possible, go to the mirror in an irritable condition, and evaluate the kind of person who are not able to control myself.
Before rude can respond to the other party or to yell at him, try to calm down. Take a few deep breaths. Count to ten and formulate in my head right answer.
If you understand that you can't keep anger, go to another room or outside. Do some physical exercise to get the body discharge. If anger overpowers you in the workplace, take unnecessary paper and rip it into small pieces. Try switching to some occupation.
Try to look at the situation from the outside whether the problem of such costs emotions. Is there a way to find the right solution? Do you have enough arguments to defend his opinion? If you are not sure of the correctness or do not know how to prove his words, back away from the conversation.
Do not start a showdown or unpleasant conversations in the condition of fatigue. Otherwise, even a minor detail can cause in you a storm of emotions and to provoke anger. The time when you can adequately assess the situation and able to control their emotions.

Advice 4 : How to cope with your own anger?

What is anger? The emotional state in which a person cannot control negative reactions to events or conditions. If such outbreaks of emotion are frequent, you should think how to deal with it.
How to cope with your own anger?

It is useful to introduce, but rather to see yourself in a moment of anger. The picture is not pleasant! Red face, furrowed brow, flared nostrils and twisted mouth. For girls method side view can be particularly effective. To restrain anger, not figuring out the reasons and without assessing the consequences, absolutely not. The suppression of negative emotions leads to depression mental state, and behind him, and physical (stress on the heart, gastrointestinal tract, migraine).

The other extreme – the slosh of anger or without cause. It is also not a solution to the problem, excessive negative alienate friends and acquaintances, and health will be threatened (the load on the heart, the rush of hormones, adrenaline surge). Feeling a surge of anger, one should try to change its internal state. For example, to direct the energy to exercise, walk or jog. It is not always possible to escape work, for example. In this case, you several times to squeeze and unclench the fists, to do ten deep breaths. Another option is to think about something pleasant, mentally reciting this for as long as the anger is replaced with joy.

To defeat anger, you can use the reflex. Surprisingly, if you smile (even with difficulty), to mind involuntarily comes a positive memory. It is important to remember that emotional control and the ability to act rationally where you just want to rant and rave, it is very difficult, but worth it. The efforts will not go in vain, the anger will recede, and come back to normal, all vital signs: heart rate, blood pressure, adrenaline levels and respiratory rate. At this point, most felt improved physical condition. And the idea that this improvement is obtained by the right action leads to moral satisfaction.

Another important fact not to forget is the exuberance of human emotion. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the health of loved ones before the situation to oppress his cry. When the negative falls from the side, should not respond to the same emotions, a smile and positive, then the aggressor will have to relent and to change the temper justice with mercy.

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