Adults and children will enjoy St. Petersburg Oceanarium "Underwater Museum" where you can see various inhabitants of the marine fauna. In total, the 41 aquarium aquarium total volume of half a million liters of water. It is located at the address: St.-Petersburg, Marata street, house 86.
Visit with the child and the Museum of live butterflies. Here you can observe more than 30 species of tropical butterflies all year round. The Museum boasts a collection of tropical plants and flowers. A fascinating excursion into the world of flora and fauna will fascinate even the most restless children. Address: Saint Petersburg, Pravdy street, the house 12.
The Bolshoi St. Petersburg circus was opened in 1877, the architecture of the building is unique, and the decoration of the hall luxury: velvet, gold, mirrors. This place leads in the number of visits among the guests of the cultural capital, obviously - a circus for baby is always a joyous and memorable event: bright clowns, trapeze artists, lions, other wild animals and of course magicians. Address: Fontanka River emb, 3A, St Petersburg.
In 2013 turned 82 years old Bolshoi theatre of dolls, but it still never ceases to amaze spectators excellent, professionally delivered performances. The repertoire is completely different from "Kolobok" to Shakespeare, which invariably pleases the teachers who theatre make up part of the educational program. Children are interested because the dolls look like alive. Look at this splendor possible to the address: Nekrasova street, 10.
Every visitor will find themselves extreme entertainment, whether it be water rides, massaging device or the slide on an inflatable donut in the water Park "Rodeo Drive". For quiet relaxation there is the wave pool. Especially for children there are a variety of low hills, work funny animators. People with sensitive skin, I assure the employees of the institution, it is not necessary to worry about water: it is cleaned by modern methods, harmless to health. After swimming everyone can get into the Turkish, Russian bath or Finnish sauna, and after you can eat in the cafe. Address of Park: Avenue of Culture, 1.
Send children in "Kidburg" - a small town which has a hospital, post office, theater, farm, police, where a child under 13 years old is a full citizen, he is given the toy an identity and money to start a career. Important: to become somebody, he needs to be trained. A unique place from the point of view of socialization of children, very successful, as acknowledged by the psychologists, the way to teach kids to live in the adult world so that the world has not become hostile. You'll Kidburg on prospect Engels, d. 154 (TRK "Grand Canyon", 3rd floor).
"Putilovka" is a place for those who love speed and adrenaline emotions. Here offers go-kart hire for the kids. 14-year-olds can become members and pupils of the local motor school, and passed the basic training course and showed good speed results, can even participate in competitions that are held punctually. Address: Sankt-Peterburg, Perekopskaya street, 6.