You will need
  • - a test to determine ovulation.
The standard menstrual cycle of women lasts for 28 days. In the middle of this period ovulation – unfertilized egg leaves the ovary and in the fallopian tubes moves down to the uterus. In the tube most often does the meeting of egg and sperm and then the zygote moves into the uterus and attaches to the bottom of it.
In order to establish the date of conception of the child, you should know your cycle. Just divide the entire period from the beginning of one menstruation to the beginning of the next half and you will get a date for the start of ovulation.
Another way of calculating the optimum day for conception is a daily measurement of basal body temperature (temperature in the rectum). Every morning, waking up and not getting out of bed, insert the tip of the thermometer into the rectum. You can also measure the temperature and the vagina. The thermometer should be kept seven to ten minutes. Before ovulation the temperature does not exceed 37 degrees, and after the release of an egg, this figure increases. The first day, when you have a fever, is best for conception.
To determine an auspicious date for the conception of the child, based on observations of vaginal discharge. For a couple of days before ovulation, thick and sticky discharge becomes transparent.
Easily determine the day of conception of a child can be by purchasing in a drugstore the test for determining ovulation. There are two types of such tests. Some define the release date of the unfertilized egg from the ovary, based on changes in the composition of saliva, the other changes in urine composition.
Keep in mind that the egg remains viable for days, and sperm for two to three days. Therefore pregnancy can occur not only on the day of ovulation. This ability lasts for 6-9 days.