You will need
  • plexiglass, wood, plastic, bolts, screws, glue, sealant, the old heater wires, soldering iron.
The first thing you need to check the old heater for proper operation. Carefully examine the wiring. After that we proceed to the analysis of the old building. All wires must be carefully removed from the slots. Try the old building is to disassemble it, but not break, as you can inadvertently damage the wires or Sami speakers. Examine the condition of the wires. If necessary, they should be replaced. In any case, keep your old wires. They need to carefully unsolder, clean place spikes and solder a new one.
Now we need to think about a new housing for your speakers. First and foremost, decide the material from which made the housing. For this purpose, suitable plexiglass, wood, plywood, plastic to you. It all depends on where and in what conditions will be in your column. Of wood the easiest way to do the body, because this material is easily processed. Enclosure plexiglass will look very beautiful and unusual.
Consider the shape of the hull. Make a detailed drawing. From the correctness of the drawing will depend on the success of manufacturing boxes. The less errors and inaccuracies in the drawing, the less damaged material. Fabricate all parts for the hull. Do a first fitting. Check whether they adhere tightly to each other. If everything fits, start the Assembly. When connecting the parts, you can use nails, screws or glue. Collect all the parts except the rear wall of the housing.
Install a speaker in the front wall of the box. Attach it using a sealant to get rid of tiny cracks in the connection. Then carefully lay the wires in the housing. They should not bend and break. They are best mounted inside the housing. The hole through which the wires will be displayed, you need to lay the gasket. Then fasten the housing rear wall and test the done column.