Use your imagination. Think about what the least favorable result can cause the circumstances which make you nervous. Perhaps this technique will help you to see the insignificance of the occasion on which you are experiencing, and will save you from unnecessary emotions.
Don't worry about what you say or people think. First, shouldn't depend on their opinion that it begins to affect your mood. Second, be sure the surrounding increasingly preoccupied with themselves, and your actions and mistakes pay much less attention than you sometimes think.
Accept some things as inevitable and deal with them. There are factors you can not influence. However, to relax in a situation where nothing depends on you, it is not always possible. His own powerlessness and the state of uncertainty make me nervous and worry. Do the following: make peace with what may happen in advance and release the situation. If you're ready for the worst case, then just be happy when circumstances will be different.
Prepare for the unexpected as well. Yes, and also foreseen. Just do everything that depends on you. If worried, will your presentation successfully or not, check again the knowledge of the main points, think about possible questions the audience review the materials. This ought to reassure you.
Work on self-esteem. It happens that the person experiences literally for any reason, because they do not believe in their own strength. If you don't trust yourself, you can not help techniques to combat anxiety. Think about your own merits, accept yourself the way you are, find your strengths and focus less on the faults.
Learn to be distracted. Sometimes experiences helps to switch to some other process. Immerse yourself in creativity or work, most importantly, the business must either fully leverage all of your intellectual resources, or become a sort of meditation. The first group of actions can be attributed to the solution of complex problems and second - needlework or gardening.
Relax. Maybe your feelings are related to what you do not know how to relax. Take breaks regularly, even if not tired. Leave sufficient time to sleep, don't neglect a full holiday. Remember that due to the lack of recreation affects not only the body but also the nervous system.