To stop worrying, you need to create a positive climate. To do this, eat only healthy food. Then you will feel great and will have less reason to worry. Do not eat at night. It can cause nightmares.
To stop worrying, you need to ask yourself whether you are comfortable to be at home or in the workplace. If not – then you need to think, perhaps possible to change something.
Not to worry, you need to look everywhere positive. You need to think only about good things, be kind to yourself, not to notice things and bad people, only good.
That there is less reason to worry, it is necessary to sleep not less than seven hours a day. This time should be enough to get you slept and rested, and feel cheerful and fresh. If you think that there is little time for sleep, then define your rule and try to stick to it.
To worry less, you need every day for fifteen minutes to meditate or relax completely.

Make it a rule every day to walk in the fresh air.
To stop worrying, you need at least twice a week to do something that helps you forget about problems: draw, watch movies, listen to music, go to dances, etc.
To stop worrying, try to understand why you exist. Look for some global goal that you could remember every time when you start to worry about another problem. And that would give you the strength to move on.
Follow these tips and you will stop worrying, start to live in peace and learn to look at life more positive.