The advantages of using steel in construction

Wide application of metal structures in construction due to a number of their advantages:
- the speed of design, fabrication and installation;
- convenient transportation;
- small weight;
- high strength, reliability and durability;
- possibility of carrying out installation works in any weather;
- fire safety;
- seismic resistance;
- low cost;
- simple Foundation;
- energy efficiency;
- ease of operation.

Manufacture of metal structures

Manufacture of metal structures requires a very responsible approach. In addition, the production process is rather time-consuming, and any mistake finally able to turn into a tragedy. To perform qualitatively construction of metal can only a specialized company, equipped with the necessary high-tech equipment and has a modern production base. Entrusting the work of artisanal craftsmen, the result is not only poor quality but also dangerous to health and life product.

Manufacture of metal structures suggests that such products:
- withstand strong, long-term and complex multilateral loads without deformation and fractures;
- will be resistant to wear of all structural parts and fasteners, rust and cracking;
- will be able to withstand almost any natural phenomena, whether the increase in temperature, wind, bitter cold, hurricanes, earthquakes.

In the manufacture of steel is usually used special high quality steel. The fastening of individual parts among themselves is done by welding. The most lightweight, mobile and well trasportabile structures are made of aluminum. It is quite durable and wear-resistant material.
In the manufacture of metal structures can be applied and rolled, and sheet steel.

Production of metal usually occurs in 3 stages:
- designing (this is the most important step)
- production (preparation of metal, processing of metal products, welding and Assembly of metal structures, causing corrosion or other protective coating, painting ready-made modules);
- installation of metal structures.

Design is one of the most important stages in the production of steel. Depends on exact calculations of the dynamic, wind, static, and other loads of the individual components and products in General, depends on its durability and strength. At this stage, developed the necessary documentation (diagrams, drawings, plans, etc.).
If necessary, at the design stage can be carried out geological exploration to determine the depth of freezing soil, its composition, the proximity of groundwater.

After the calculations are performed, the project and the estimate approved, we obtained all permits, verification of material and preparation for production design. At this stage, are selected primer mix, paint and other finishing materials, decorative, fireproof and anticorrosive compounds.

Treatment of metal products involves the bending, cutting, drilling and reaming, stamping custom item forms, and other types of machining parts the future of metal. This stage is characterized by increased complexity and takes the most time. The process of production of construction elements made of metal is substantially accelerated due to the use of the latest automated equipment, which eliminates human intervention and the occurrence of marriage.

Welding of individual elements of the construction or production of a fully welded product can be made in different ways. The most advanced types of this method of connection – laser and plasma. After the product is connected, made test testing of the welds. This occurs through the use of non-destructive methods, for example, ultrasound. Important visual inspection. Next by degreasing, sandblasting or shot-blasting, priming, painting, anti-corrosion treatment.

Installation of metal structures

Installation of metal structures can be made in different ways, but the main condition is its high quality. Therefore, the construction can be entrusted only to serious organization in the state that are professional climbers and installers with high qualifications and extensive experience. For accurate installation, use a special technique: levels, lifts, laser level with high precision, which allow to carry out work with minimal tolerances.

The price of installation works may depend on various factors:
- the complexity of the design;
- scope of work;
seasonality, time and venue construction;
- installation of metal structures at height;
- the presence of additional communications and constructions etc.

Ideal if you have the opportunity to order the design of metal structures, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the whole building into operation in the same organization. In other cases, you can take advantage of a General contract to find a company that will coordinate the project, supervise the quality of the materials will guide the installation design and pass the object into operation. That is, the General contractor undertakes the responsibility for the work of third parties.