The need to use the exhaust fan in the kitchen

In apartment buildings, as the forced ventilation systems used in tunnels ducts that provide fresh air into the apartment. But if they are clogged, landlords should think about installing exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens.

In the bathrooms they are needed, so that condensation does not accumulate inside the room and did not appear fungus and mold. And in the kitchens of forced and exhaust ventilation are needed to remove non-combustible residues generated in the process gas stoves, as well as Chad and the smoke from fats and oils that are formed when frying foods at high temperatures. Allocated in air of carcinogenic substances have an unpleasant odor and, in addition, very harmful to health. It is therefore important that polluted air is quickly replaced with the fresh, coming from the outside, and for this purpose you can use the hood or a cheaper option is an exhaust fan.

How to connect exhaust fan in the kitchen

If in the washroom or bathroom fans can be connected so that they began to work simultaneously with turning on the light to the kitchen space, such a scheme is not necessary. Practice shows that the most convenient option in this case is the installation of a fan, working with a timer for setting the desired ventilation time. Often used the easiest option – on and off the fan manually.
To automate the operation of the kitchen fan by installing optional devices: humidity controller or presence detector.

As for the place of installation, it is better to choose a point near the ceiling where warm air rises from the plate. To remove it quickly, the fan should be located over the stove or in the immediate vicinity. Judging by the user reviews posted on the Internet forums, many people simply set these fans straight into the window frame.
When choosing a fan, note its capacity. For a small kitchen area which does not exceed 6 sq. m., fit fan capacity up to 180 cubic meters per hour, for 10-meter dishes – up to 300 cubic meters per hour.

Don't forget that this device worked as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to regularly clean fan blades and available pieces of gear from soot and grease.