Since the hood is powered by electricity, the first step is the electrical wiring and the installation of a separate outlet. For this you will need to mark the wall, by marking to peck. If the repair is finished and the wall stroebe impossible, the wires can be hidden in a plastic box. All the modern hoods are equipped with three-core cable (ground, neutral and phase). All the wires connect, according to the scheme specified in the instructions.
Hood is set upon the completion of the repair, when all the furniture is in place. Location drawing outline using a level and pencil. Distance from hood to electric cooking rings must be at least 70 cm to the gas – 80 cm
At the site of attachment of the hood to make the hole, a fulcrum is applied to the wall and bolted. These supports put on the hood. Be sure to observe the levelness of the mount, otherwise it threatens not only the loss of aesthetic appearance, but also a malfunction of the unit. Adjust the position by using special bolts.
The hood must be connected to the ventilation system. To do this, select the ducts and fixtures. Select the pipe follows along with the choice of the hood. They should be round with a diameter of 120-150 mm. don't choose too curved and long duct. Corrugated pipe is less preferred than the smooth, as they create a lot of noise during operation. For this reason, it is desirable to minimize the bending of the tube, as every knee reduces ventilation efficiency. Connect the vent duct with duct. The joints must be sealed.
After full Assembly drawing, it includes a network and launch. The cover hood is installed after checked the performance of the device.