You will need
  • computer or phone with Internet access;
  • - was Inbox "";
  • - installed software "Agent".
Adding photo in the "Agent" – a matter of minutes. But for this you first need to go to the main project page. Once on the "home" page you need to log into your email. To enter into the "box", specify a username and password. Please note: when you enter the login specified only the first part "name" of the mailbox without the "name" of the domain to sign "dog" @. Be careful when entering the password. In case of an error you will have to try again. Putting your acconut the required data, select Log in.
On the main page of your Inbox, which displayed all its data (Inbox, sent mail, trash and spam), on the top field, select "More". Click on it for further work, select the option "Settings".
To make changes to your profile on the newly opened page in the left column, select "Personal data", it stores all of the information you provided, I see that you and other users of the website. Follow this link to change your personal information. In the section "Personal data" - it will open immediately after the transition under the image photos will appear "Add/change photo". Click it with the left mouse button to make the changes.
On the next page you will be prompted to "Set primary photo". To make that possible in several ways. The photo you can "get" from the computer, "pull" from the Internet and also download from the web camera or from a folder "photos of you". Your further actions will vary depending on the use of the "source" of the desired image.
If the photo you want to "install" as the avatar, stored on the computer, select "File" and click "Browse". Next, you have to find the location of the photos and select "picture". Please note that upload only images in supported formats png, jpeg (jpg), bmp, tiff, gif.
If you want to download photos from an online source, select the "menu" page item URL. In the new window, open the desired page of the website, click on the picture, right-click and select "copy link to image". Go back to your profile and paste the link into the URL field. This can be done by either clicking with the right mouse button on the item "Paste" or simultaneously pressing Ctrl and V.
Also photos can be uploaded from a web camera. In this case, click allow access to camera, then shoot. Or select the image from the folder "photos of you"
Now you only have to customize the thumbnails and save the changes. The task of downloading photos is made.