Choose the frame according to your type of person. Square face has approximately the same height and width. These men are stern features and heavy chin, so they will fit glasses with rounded bottom rims, sitting high on the nose. You can also stay on the rim of a round or oval shape.
Men who have a long rectangular face should choose a solid frame with a wide arc. The shape of the frame should be rounded. As for men with a triangular face, they have a narrow forehead, wide chin and cheekbones. They will fit a large or on the contrary sleek and slim frame with small lenses. Somewhat more rare is the person type, the inverted triangle. Such men have a wide forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin. They can choose glasses butterfly or Aviator.
Those who has a uniform rounded proportions of the face, it is better to choose narrow frames with high temples, both paired. Avoid glasses with oval or square frames. The most versatile type of men's faces with a classic regular features is oval. It is characterized by high cheekbones and a tapered chin. Such men can wear spectacles with a frame of almost any type.
Select frame color sunglasses based on your hair color. Blonde men can stay on the rims blue, black or silver. The brown-haired, you can also recommend glasses with black frames or brown. The owners of black hair will look good silver, gold, and black rims. It is not excluded that some of these men will suit red frame. Ideal for owners of red hair will be a copper rim. If this will look good in orange, yellow, red and purple options. Try to try on frames and Golden in color, although for men this shade is somewhat vulgar.
Pick up points so that they blend with your image. You can create a sporty, seductive, or elegant different style. To look stylish and business-like, stick to an organic Alliance of the red and black colors, and leather parts. Short jackets, black jackets are perfectly combined with style tasadi glasses or aviators. Sunglasses classic shape perfectly complements the lightweight sports style t-shirts or short-sleeved shirt and jeans. The color of the lenses or frames you can choose according to your scheme of things. Do not combine sunglasses with shorts or breeches as bottom.
Complement your appearance with accessories or clothing items that will resonate with the glasses to complement them. For example, you can tie a neck scarf of silk, put it in the pocket of a jacket or vest small handkerchief. Brutal boys can wear on head bandana. All this will add creativity to your image.