You will need
  • Mechanical method:
  • - shovel;
  • - a hacksaw.
  • Chemical method:
  • - diesel,
  • - large salt.
The easiest, fastest but most expensive way to remove a stump is to buy special equipment. In shops you can buy machines for cutting tree stumps and the stump cutter. These devices are quite expensive, and it makes sense to buy only if you really care for a large garden. Often in property horticultural societies, there is a similar technique, and every member of society can make use of it for a modest fee.
There are chemical methods of removing stumps. Their main drawback is that they allow us to solve the problem only through a long period of time, but the stump will not just be deleted, but will turn into dust and humus, which will serve as a good fertilizer.Take the diesel and drench her stumpand soak it in a rag and put it on the cut stump. Then carefully cover the stump with plastic and okucia his land. Within a few years the stump to fully decompose.
Also the stump you can sprinkle salt, which is relatively quickly destroy wood. After a year on the former site of wood will only rot. This method is bad because salt ruins the soil, so it can be used only if you clean the area under planting, and under construction.
If you have enough physical strength, you can uproot the stump. It's a fast and free way. Spilivaya, the tree, leave the stump high so it was easier to shake when the grubbing. Take the shovel and bayonet obamaite height of the stump from all sides. Use strong water pressure from the irrigation hose. to wash away the soil on obmanom area. Once the roots are exposed with a hacksaw, nodelete them in two places and remove 10-15 cm segment of each root. Now try putting all that power to shake the stump. If this failed, dilute with water deeper roots and also remove their sites with the help of a handsaw. Try to shake the stump. Usually stumps even the most powerful succumb after a few of these procedures.