Life routine

The whole democracy remained behind the walls of prisons. Here the boss decides how much and to whom to work, when to stand and what to eat. Even the convicts, living in relaxed conditions, obey a strict schedule. At 7:00 am Wake up, lights out at 23:00. Breakfast and dinner are allocated 20 minutes for lunch half an hour. A significant proportion of time to work. Or intellectual and easy work here, no one does. Prisoners poured the steel, doing woodworking, chopping down the forest, in the best case, work in the clothing industry. Always the same procedure – personal inspection after work, the mandatory greeting of superiors. Also regularly occurs restoring order in the area.
Personal time prisoner

In prisons there is a possibility to do their business. Specially is given time. As a rule, prisoners write letters, watch TV. There is an opportunity for self-development – sports hall and a library, as a rule, in the colonies there. Of course, to focus on American movies, where prisoners can train in the best fitness clubs, not worth it. But the horizontal bar, simple machines, dumbbells, attached to chains that you can find. Therefore, in order not to degrade some convicts in jail do their physical development.

The library also unlikely to find new literature or knowledge in some narrow areas, but classical literature is presented here. You can if you want to get in jail or ask relatives to send books for the required subjects, so as not to deteriorate intellectually.
Pleasant moments

In prisons, as a rule, there is a room for meetings. Therefore, prisoners have the opportunity to meet with loved ones. Working convicts in prisons earn. Of course, a small amount, after payment of the damage is only about 3-4 thousand rubles. However, to spend in prison many do not have. Everything you need to buy in a stall.