You will need
  • form mold halves for pouring;
  • - a release agent;
  • gel-coating;
  • - pigments;
  • hardeners;
  • - quartz sand with quartz flour;
  • - styrene-unsaturated polyester resin brand MO-12.
Prepare a form for pouring molding marble. Depending on the kind of pour products this form may consist of multiple semi-molds. Apply to the mold halves separating lubricant. Both moulds are coated with a special gel: it will give the surface gloss of molded marble.
Prepare the polymer mass. Knead the mixture of the following components: quartz sand in combination with quartz flour, styrene-unsaturated polyester resin brand MO-12, pigments and hardeners. Moreover, pigments and curing agents choose according to color, type and purpose of the future product. Also, choosing hardeners, refer to the temperature ambient and humidity. All the prepared mixture a good stir.
Pour the prepared polymer mixture into the prepared mold halves. Then the vibrating form: this must be done in order to remove an air layer in the injection molding marbleE. Let the marblehave dry: as a rule, the curing lasts from half an hour to twelve hours.
Run raspressovki: remove the mold halves and remove the finished product from it. After that, if necessary, perform additional machining of molded marble.