For large castings, such as piles, curbs, curbs make the formwork out of wood. The form should be collapsible, and the tree before pouring a good soak. This method is good, code is necessary to get a lot of similar products clear geometric forms.
If it is not possible to use wood, make the form directly in the ground. To do this, dig holes, prisypte them in sand, moisten and fill with concrete. Top cover and leave to solidify.
To obtain tiles, such as paving or cladding can be used almost any material – plastic, silicone, wood, everything depends on your imagination and possibilities. You can use almost anything, including old utensils and children's cups with sand, the main tank shall be of a suitable shape and size.
If you need to get a single casting of suitable foam. Cut out the required form and pour concrete. Less use – in order to remove the casting form will have to break, plus you can get a casting of any configuration, up to the volume of the figure.
If it took to the concrete ring, use old tires – car, Bicycle and even wheelchairs and scooters. If nothing suitable is not found, then dig into the ground in a circle place in the center of the bucket and the mold is ready.