You will need
  • - smoothing means;
  • - olive or burdock oil;
  • - Apple cider vinegar;
  • - brandy;
  • - strong tea with sugar;
  • - Hairdryer
  • - round the comb;
  • - comb with small teeth;
  • - hairspray.
During shampooing, use a smoothing mask. If you straighten only the bangs, then apply the product it is only necessary in this area. In addition to the tools sold in cosmetic stores, suitable for olive or burdock oil and mask from Apple cider vinegar and brandy mixed in equal proportions.
Girls whose hair is not too curly and heavy enough capable to straighten your bangs without using any additional tools. Just washing your hair, comb your bangs with a comb with small teeth. When the hair dries, the bangs will lie smoothly. This should be done immediately after you came out of the bathroom, after all, short bangs dries much faster than long curls.
There is a folk remedy which will help to straighten unruly bangs. Simply moisten the hair with cold strong black tea with sugar. After that, they not only straighten, but also will look more smooth and healthy. The main thing – do not overdo it with sugar, otherwise it will gum up locks. Per Cup of tea you should add only half a teaspoon.
Very easy to straighten and style your bangs with a hair dryer. For this you need and round comb. Wet your hair and pulling a brush each strand of hair, dried it with a Hairdryer. If you take your time, use the appliance in a cool mode – it is most humanely treats the hair. When drying by hot air stream treat bangs heat tool. However this procedure will not be useful to use a flat iron. After you dry and style strands, sprinkle with bangs varnish, so the result of your work lasted longer.
Slightly wavy hair can be straightened without a comb. Apply to damp bangs smoothing spray, mousse or foam and then dry it. Hair will straighten, and you'll have a great hairstyle.