First, when laying separate from the bangs all the rest of the hair, kill them from behind or spin to the tail. Mind, even if your hair is quite curly, you should wash with a moisturizing shampoo and balm-conditioner. Be sure to handle the balm the tips of the hair, without affecting the scope of the roots, but the bangs should permeate virtually all, with the exception that only 1-1,5 cm from the roots. This is necessary in order to prevent the frizz of the hair and the naughty stuff that can occur from lack of moisture in a couple of hours even after careful styling.
Comb the bangs comb with quite a few teeth, and then sprinkle it with the securing means. You should give preference to light sprays and mousses and gels clearly have to give up - the hair will look greasy and dirty even with a small number of them. Sprays, besides, very often contain substances that gives hair an attractive Shine.
Try to give preference to straighten your hair using a large round brush with fairly stiff bristles. Before straightening divide the hair into small strands and begin pulling them, twirling the brush and trying to draw from up, not down. The tip bangs are better to be put inside, as it likely still will gradually straighten, but it wouldn't be that sloppy stick.
If you prefer to straighten hair with a flat iron, you better invest in a straightener with ceramic coating and the ability to regulate temperature. The fact that the ceramic coating is much less damage to the hair, not burn them and heats up gradually. As a function of temperature selector helps you choose the right for your hair as there is nothing worse than drying off, after which the hair will recover sufficiently long, and their appearance is not the most accurate. Use heat-protective sprays (again, not mousses and foams).
So, you straightened bangs. There was only the final commit - to do this, spray your fingers with hairspray and gently Pat several strands of hair, slightly pulling them. Similarly, you can use a DAB of light wax for hair, bangs will look quite textured and smooth.