Free to travel the world, you can use a large number of draws from the travel companies that they spend in anticipation of the season. Of course, this method has a serious drawback, tourists will have to provide personal information to a large number of travel agencies, and they can start to throw his proposals.
You can also join any volunteering project, functioning on the territory of several countries. Specially for the participants of these organizations are provided with free trips abroad. The only drawback – new tourist have to do to perform tasks that are entrusted to the staff of the volunteer project.
Some tourists in search of a way to save prefer to hitchhike. Of course, this method can be used only after crossing the state border. So, in such Cuba travel is commonplace and the drivers willing to take tourists from other countries, telling about the peculiarities of living in this country.
You can do a non-standard way is to find yourself a job that will involve frequent travel. Travel, accommodation and documentation will be undertaken by the organization, so traveler will need to bring only a guide and pocket money.
Students have the right to benefit from exchange programs in that case, if the University, which is a potential tourist has contacts with universities abroad. Travel, accommodation and documentation will be provided by the organizers of the program. In a foreign country the student will also be able to travel for free, taking with him new friends. A prerequisite for participation in this program is knowledge of foreign languages.