Analyze your steps for the last time and try to understand why you lost the trust: probably the reason is in error, incorrect behavior, etc. do Not need to ignore their misdeeds, especially when the girl is offended so much.
Please wait a while for the offense to girls is not diminished. Ask her forgiveness for what he did. Be sincere and try to convince her that such mistakes will never happen again. Remember that the request for forgiveness should be expressed in beautiful form, for example, in the form of poems or some other pleasant surprise. And don't forget to talk about how much you love your girl and want to be with her.
Try to keep positive despite the odds. Even if the girl is in no hurry to forgive you, behave like in real life: smile, laugh, cheer your favorite unusual and romantic things. Gradually, it is easy to forget his resentment.
Correct and not repeat past mistakes. Once you realize why the girl refused to trust you, try not to attack again on the same rake. Constantly saying that you have corrected and demonstrate this by your actions: girls are judged more by the actions of men, than according to them.
Talk to the girl. Try to convince her that you will always be with her only sincere, it can completely depend on you. Justify it by the fact that much in love with her and don't want to lose. Please remember that, most likely, the girl also doesn't want to lose you, even on offense, so we just need to be patient and wait for the moment when she will trust you again.
Don't forget to trust your girl, even if she is not reciprocate. Become her role model. Gradually her love for you will prevail over negative emotions, and you will be able to rebuild their personal lives.