Chemical composition and useful properties of cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon contains large amounts of dietary fiber, tannins, resin, gum, pectin, a small amount of fat to 3.5% essential oil. Thanks to its special strong aroma and spicy taste, cinnamon is widely used in cooking. A spice used in pickling and pickling mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, canning fruits and berries. It is part of various spicy mixtures, combined with ginger, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, anise, orange peel and lemon, vanilla. Powdered cinnamon is added in bakery and confectionery, sweet drinks, desserts, and even dairy products, cereals, soups. This spice is an ingredient of the ancient Russian drink – sbiten.
Drink of cinnamon helps to relieve mental fatigue, helps normalize metabolism.

Sometimes under the guise of sell Cassia cinnamon. Cassia bark of the Chinese cinnamon tree containing coumarin. This aromatic substance has a harmful effect on the body and can cause cancer. When you buy cinnamon in the form of a hammer, always pay attention to the labeling. Ceylon cinnamon is marked as zeylonicum Cinnamomum, Cassia - Cinnamomum aromaticum as. In house conditions it is possible to distinguish between Cassia cinnamon from this with the help of iodine. Pour a small amount of iodine in a small portion of the purchased herbs: Cassia in the interaction with the iodine becomes saturated dark blue color. Real cinnamon gives a slightly blue tint.

Medicinal properties of cinnamon

Cinnamon has on the body antibacterial, antiviral and tonic effect. It improves appetite, reduces spasms in the stomach and intestines, reduces increased motility of the intestine and reduces flatulence. This spice in folk medicine, prescribed for dyspepsia and diarrhoea, hyperacidity of the stomach. Cinnamon is an excellent styptic, it helps with internal bleeding.
Cinnamon is contraindicated in pregnant women, and people with individual intolerance to the product.

Cinnamon is a diuretic, so it will be useful when disease of the kidneys. If it is mixed with honey in warm water, the spice can help with inflammation of the bladder. The blend of cinnamon with honey is also a good auxiliary tool in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Cinnamon helps with arthritis, headaches, eases toothache and eliminates bad breath. Tea with honey and cinnamon helps to reduce weight.