Consider why the faded old feelings. If we are talking about the husband, perhaps the reason is banal household. This is when you just started Dating, my husband saw you in a beautiful bluzochek, and in the parade. It is not surprising that now he does not want to frequently look at the aunt in sartirana robe and with curlers on his head. I never cease to look classy, even if it's just going to spend the day at home near the TV. Of course, this does not mean that you now have to put on makeup every morning even on my day off. Makeup out of place will cause the man only bewilderment. But do not forget about the beautiful clothes neat and clean hair.
Know why men are thrilled at the arms of a lover, and return home with great reluctance? Because a mistress does not forbid you to do things that prohibits a wife. Carefully remember, for some reason, you nag at your man often and try not to ban him at least for some time. My husband used that at home he was waiting for fury, which is eternally dissatisfied with what he earns little, comes back and drinks beer in the garage with your friends? Surprise him and become a woman that is not just nice to come back after work, but want to stay forever.
Remember your first meeting and Dating. Surely, you not only looked different but behaved with the beloved man differently. If you stopped to confess his love and you see only the insult and disappointment, perhaps you yourself behave this way. Try to start taking the first steps on their own. Often tell the man how much you care about him as you are lucky to have him and how much you love him. Even if you never in life of anything similar did not speak, do not be afraid. It is important to start making steps towards a rapprochement, and then the process will go by itself.