Don't be boring. Some women are afraid of self-expression through clothing. They prefer strict classic, monochrome colors and hackneyed combination of upper and lower body. Don't pass up the opportunity to try on fashion items to make an interesting image and stand out from the crowd due to its taste and ability to dress, do not be a gray mouse.
Select clothes in accordance with their own figure. Sometimes, the girl saw a fashionable image in a glossy magazine and decided to copy it, not noticing that this outfit its spoils. Choosing new clothes, pay attention, not whether it looks on the hanger better than you, not if you look slimmer and prettier in the kit, which came into the store.
Don't forget to dilute the style with accessories. Without them, the ensemble will be boring and dry. Only to overdo it is not worth it. Remember that you are a woman, not a Christmas tree. If before leaving the house in doubt as to the appropriateness of such number of decorations that you put on, remove one piece of jewelry that appeared to you in the least.
Avoid the mistake when every thing in the dress a life of its own. The garments you choose to wear must fit together in style, color, material, style.
Wear things in accordance with the season for which they are intended. White shorts with boots, chiffon dress in winter look as inappropriate as heavy, dense materials in the summer.
Buy things for his age category. Frivolous mini-skirts and t-shirts with funny slogans good for young girls. Expensive jewelry and elegant classic suits are more suitable for older ladies.
Don't wear feminine things with a pair of chunky boots or sneakers. The same applies to the combination of semi-sports clothes and shoes on the heel. If you don't want to look tacky and eccentric, follow the rules of style.
Consider the reason, choosing a particular outfit. In a short dress and shoes with heels you'll look out of place at a picnic, and jeans are not suitable for negotiations with business partners. Remember that on clothes still find.