The first thing to clarify, what are the actual colors in the next season. Everyone used to wear in rainy and cold weather, the dark, non-marking clothes. But next year, fortunately, the bright colors will replace the dark shades of clothes. Trends this season are these colors: purple, colors of peach, turquoise, orange and more soft analogues of the listed shades.

Do not be afraid of experiments, a combination of a couple colors. The monotony would be better to dilute the details more vivid colors. In 2017 will be the classic polka dots and stripes. No less popular is the image, which includes abstract paintings, various floral and animal ornaments.

Stylish dresses in cold season 2016 – 2017

In the future season will be fashionable skirt three-dimensional form, dresses in glamorous style, bright colors. The actual shades will be the color of gold, coral, gentle pink, silver. If to speak about length dresses, this year the choice is up to each individual. In fashion so be asymmetric lines. You can see them in the hem of the dress in the top.

Will not go out of fashion and dresses made of leather. They will vary not only in classic black color and green, red colours. The most popular in the season of 2017 will be the gown of warmer materials. They are decorated with fur, which will add together elegance.

Stylish women's trousers fall-winter 2016 – 2017

Despite the preference of bright colors for dresses, pants next season will be more quiet tones. Given the primacy of such colors: black, mustard, camel, black, brown, milk. The trend will be leather pants color shining nail Polish.

Fashionable jackets and stylish cardigans

In a gloomy, cool weather to warm and to complement the comfort of a high-fashion look will be a warm cardigan. This season will be knee-length. Choose from a knit material with a striped convex pattern. The same way you can complement a well-chosen jacket. It is best to choose soothing colors. Well will look jackets with a hint of khaki, gray, blue or brown.