Design of roll cassette curtains

Stylish, PVC Windows, executed on the individual sizes, taking into account characteristics of the interior spaces themselves are their ornament, so sometimes it seems a shame to hide them behind the drapery traditional curtains and curtains. Increasingly, for the design of window openings not only in offices but also in residential areas are horizontal and vertical blinds, conventional roller and cassette blinds.

From roller cassette blinds differ horizontally mounted duct-tape that conceals the material, and method of fastening. The material moves along the window opening on the side rails, which eliminates the sagging curtains at the time when the window sash is in the tilted ventilation position. Motion control of curtains and fixing it at any convenient height is carried out using a chain mechanism.
If your Windows bead protrudes above the surface of the frame, to mount them on a cassette roller shades can not.

On that note, when you go to buy cassette roller blinds

Cassette roller blinds, depending on the shape and depth of the bead, are available in two types - UNI-1 and UNI-2. Both systems allow you to mount curtains without using screws, violation of the integrity of the plastic glass. For installation using double-sided self-adhesive tape, which ensures the necessary reliability of the Assembly in the window opening.

Blinds system, UNI-1 more compact, but they can only be installed on Windows with direct glazing bead and a depth of 1 cm, the guides are attached to the sides of the window opening, slightly reducing it. The system of UNI-2 does not depend on what is the shape of the bead. These curtains can be installed even on the smooth surface, their guides are U-shaped, they can be equipped with a spring lifting mechanism.
In rooms with high humidity it is better to install blinds system, UNI-1, to avoid sticking of the material to wet the glass, risking breakage of the hoist.

Judging by the reviews and photos of decorative roller shades are endless. Box-cassette and guides can be painted in the color of the window frames, and metal or wood. The choice of material of the fabric used for their manufacturing, the broadest. You can order curtains of opaque opaque tissue, so-called "blackout", which will completely darken the room even in the daytime, if you are going to sleep or watch a movie. Material, natural or synthetic, does not burn, has antiseptic and antibacterial impregnation, is not afraid of dirt and dust. The price of curtains of this type are quite affordable – installing them on a standard double window will cost about 3 thousand rubles. On standard size you can buy a ready-made kit, on the individual sizes you will make them to order.