The advantages of blinds

Practicality. Roller blinds can be made of many different materials: fabric, bamboo plates, fibers of banana tree, etc. However, traditional option for the decoration of kitchen Windows are roller blinds on a fabric base impregnated with a special composition, which makes the curtain resistant to water and body contamination.

Various types of fastening. Roller blinds for the kitchen can be fixed over the window opening and the sash of the window. The last option allows you to save more free space on the windowsill – it's no problem to place the pots with potted flowers or equip a small working space.

User-friendly operation. Modern blinds is not demanding in its care - with the additional impregnation, most stains can be removed using an ordinary sponge soaked in water. In addition, roller blinds can easily be washed in a washing machine.

Democracy. The price of blinds depends on several factors: size, fastening systems and materials used. However, they are available in almost any price segment.

Universal range. Huge selection of colorful patterns, variety of different patterns and textures allows you to choose a suitable variant for any interior. If desired, roller blinds can be used as the main accent in the kitchen interior.

Reliable protection. Roller blinds are not only stylish appearance and practicality, but also provide reliable protection from the sunlight by day and from prying eyes in the dark.

How to choose blinds for the kitchen?

To purchase roller blinds for the kitchen were successful in their selection should be guided by such factors as room size, interior style, and performance.

The size of the room. If the kitchen is small in size, it is better to opt for the blinds with the mounting on the sash or the window frame – this will free up space on the windowsill and efficient use of the space underneath. Horizontal blinds visually expand the wall with the window and curtain with wide vertical stripes increase the distance from floor to ceiling.

Operational properties. If the plate and the working surface is located away from the window, then you can afford a combination of roller blinds, made of natural materials like cotton or bamboo) and light translucent curtains. If the working area is in the vicinity of the window opening, it is best to pay attention to the shade of fabric with dirt-repellent coating. For rooms with high humidity, you should choose curtains with water-proof mortar.

Colors. When choosing the color of blinds for the kitchen in the first place should be guided by the overall color scheme, which is decorated room. So, for a small kitchen with a small amount of light is ideal light colors: beige, grey, cream, light green, cream, light pink and light purple. In a large and spacious kitchen with color of the blinds you can experiment: Indigo, Bardo, eggplant, grass green, purple, wine and Navy blue will look original and luxurious.

If the kitchen is decorated in warm colours, the curtains should be chosen in the same color scheme. They can harmonize or contrast in color, but have to be the same colouring spectrum, and the whole interior of the room. However, if the size of the kitchen allows, it is possible to go the other way and choose curtains with bolder shades. For example, very well it will look the combination of warm, bright yellow color with a cold steel hue or combination of colors green of summer with a cold iridescence purple tones.

In the interior of the kitchen are also welcome to use blinds with printed pattern – not only do they complement and enliven the image of the room, but will give it a special charm and personality.