Glass sliding blinds are popular because absolutely do not hide design decisions in your bathroom, practical and stylish complement them. These folds give the room a special chic and refinement. Specialists claim that to pick out these blinds correctly - no problem. The main thing - to follow the recommendations.

What to look for when selecting a sliding glass curtains

First of all you should pay attention when choosing curtains for sliding glass bath from which it is made. Of course, it must be tempered glass, which is thicker and stronger than standard window. It is also desirable that it be equipped with a laminated film. Thanks to her, in case you slip and break the glass, it crumbles into pieces and just going to a grid of cracks. Which is what it needs for safety.

Also note that blinds are usually mounted on metal frame which allows them to stay securely. Therefore, when choosing be sure to read it. Remember that it should not be skewed, the design is definitely straight and strong. Any inconsistencies and celebrations of the doors there and back - a reason to avoid purchasing such a device. Because all of these faults are capable of when operating to turn into a serious problem when water would splash in different directions and flood the neighbors. Usually made of such a stainless steel frame. This is necessary in order to didn't rust.

Sliding blinds for the bathroom are somewhat similar to aluminum construction, which is used for glazing balconies. They likewise travel in different directions, leaving a space to enter the tub.

You should pay attention to the handling of glass. It can be:
- tinted;
- transparent;
decorated with monograms;
- decorated with frosted pattern.
It is worth remembering that if you use a frosted design on the glass, will have to take care of additional lighting. Because opaque glass is noticeably darkens the room.

In each individual case you need to choose the option that you like best and fits.

The pros and cons of sliding glass shutters

The advantages of such curtains is obvious. It is convenient operation and beautiful appearance. They are easy to clean, on the glass (assuming regular cleaning) do not remain salt deposits, mildew and rust also, the glass does not appear. In addition, glass curtains make bath special elegant and original.

But do not think that the sliding blind is the real miracle. Its drawbacks they have. So, for example, the whole structure is joined to the wall by means of special sealants. And therein lies the catch. It is very sensitive to humidity and may eventually prohoditsja and even to resist the molding. Therefore, you should regularly check the condition of the sealant and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.
Ignore the fact that the sealant has significantly worn out, not worth it. Remember that if mold appears, to get rid of it will be quite problematic. This will seriously affect health, because black mold is harmful to humans.

In addition, you must try and make space within the bathroom as safe as possible to avoid falling and damaging the glass. So try everything possible to round off and smooth out. Then the risk to serious injury in the accident will be minimized.

Often, specialists recommend to buy glass instead of plastic curtains that are made from high quality polycarbonate. The reviews are safer than glass, but the quality is not worse. In addition, the price of plastic blinds are much less than those made of glass.

Types of sliding glass curtains for the bathroom

Sliding blinds for the bathroom can be of different designs. For example, those that reach fully to the ceiling. In this case, it creates the illusion install the shower, only with the difference that does not need a pallet. Installed such designs as the curtain of a shower enclosure on the tray.

Another option assumes the height of the blind up to half the height of the bath. That is, their task is simply down to cover the floor from falling water on it. Look at this these blinds is quite interesting - a gentle and unusual. This variant of curtains is often called the flip.

How to buy blinds

To buy blinds for the bathroom in any store. To do this, just enough to make the necessary measurements, and then to come to the store and pick up a suitable design.

Alternatively, you can make a sliding curtain in the bathroom under the order. So it will guarantee that they will exactly fit your bathroom. Since the measurements made by professional who will take into account any bends and distortions of the ceiling, walls and the bathtub. These blinds will cost a bit more, but the end result will be perfect.