Not so long ago on the Western outskirts of Gelendzhik, built a new modern airport capable of accepting international flights. All the year round the planes fly from Moscow and St Petersburg, flights are implementing such large companies as Aeroflot, UTair and Rossiya. Flight time from Moscow is about 2.5 hours North of the capital, just over 3 hours. To the city center from the airport go Shuttle bus and regular taxi, and city bus that runs every 15 minutes during the day. By plane you can reach Anapa or Krasnodar, which to Noumea can be reached by intercity buses for 2.5 and 4.5 hours, respectively.
Geographical location of Gelendzhik and the surrounding mountains don't allow to build there a railway, although such a project is already under way. But for now, the nearest railway junctions are located in Anapa and Novorossiysk. Those who come to rest in sanatoriums and resorts of Gelendzhik, don't worry about how to get to them from train stations – almost all resorts for arrivals of trains send their buses. But you can get it independently from the bus stations of Anapa and Novorossiysk, there are regular intercity buses in the direction of Gelendzhik. Travel time from Novorossiysk is 1 hour, from Anapa – 2.5 hours.
Recently in Gelendzhik built many private hotels and boarding houses on-site which is equipped with Parking for cars, so if you have booked a hotel in the city you can come by car. From the capital is easily accessible from the M4 Federal highway connecting Moscow and Sochi, the track is going and those who went forth from St. Petersburg. Once you arrive to Krasnodar, you can shorten the route of almost 50 km, if you roll on the highway "Krasnodar - Hot Key – Dzhubga". Near Dzhubga, there is a twist in Noumea, which in this case you will enter not from the Novorossiysk, and from the perspective of Tuapse.