What action has the massage

The notorious "orange peel" often appears on those parts of the body, which was little used during active motion: forearm, thighs, buttocks. Fatty deposits begin to accumulate in these areas and then become an obstacle to normal circulation of fluid in the tissues, disrupting lymph flow and blood circulation. This, in turn, leads to the fact that the body cells lack oxygen and nutrients. Including the cellulite is not only external, cosmetic defect and health problems.

Massage problem areas helps to warm up these areas of the body, accelerate the circulation of lymph and blood that helps wash away toxins, softening and removal of excess fat from the subcutaneous tissues. With regular massaging, restored normal metabolism, skin texture changes – it once again becomes supple and elastic.

Good effect in the fight against cellulite can be accessed using a regular massage, even if you will conduct it yourself, but if to apply a special anti-cellulite techniques, tools, and fixtures, the effectiveness of self-massage can significantly increase and you will be able to get rid of cellulite much faster.

General principles and techniques used for anti-cellulite massage

Regardless of where you will be cellulite massage – a special salon or at home, the General principles of it remain unchanged. Massage local areas, those where you can see the signs of "orange peel". Pre-muscles need to be warmed up and relaxed. That is why it would be better if at home anybody can give you massage those parts of the body such as the buttocks, which when self-massage can be difficult to keep in a relaxed state. When massaging you need to be in a comfortable position, make smooth and easy movements, gradually increasing them as the muscles will be warmed up.

In that case, when massaging you will use, it is important to master the basic techniques and methods such as stroking, rubbing, pressing, tapping, rolling and vibration.

Getting rid of cellulite is not a matter of one week and even month, prepare to spend some time. Start massaging from the bottom and should gradually rise to those sites which are located closer to the heart. Duration of one session can range from 15 minutes to 1 hour. To achieve a rapid effect, anti-cellulite massage should be done daily, and when you already achieve the desired result, it would still need to do at least once a week as prevention.
Contraindications for anti-cellulite massage are: varicose veins, cardiovascular disease, the presence of any tumors and injuries to the skin.

Manual anti-cellulite massage

This kind of massaging with the use of special techniques listed above allows you to literally "touch" to feel the problem areas, highlight them and hard to handle. But if you do this massage by yourself, try not to feel sorry for yourself, reducing the effort to decrease the pain. Use special creams and oils, warming the skin, which increases the effectiveness of massage and activating the metabolic processes in tissues. Thermoactive gels and creams that create immediately after application of a strong heat effect, you can purchase at the pharmacy.

Anti-cellulite massage with the help of cans

For this kind of anti-cellulite massage used conventional medical banks or special, made of soft, but quite elastic, plastic or silicone. On the problem area, apply a rich nourishing cream, warmed aroma-oil or thermo-gel. Set the jar, lightly press it on the sides, the more you compress it, the more force it will stick, adjust the desired compression independently. Start to drive to the Bank in a circular motion. If you squeeze the belly, the Bank needs to move in a circle clockwise. On other problem areas you can use zigzag and rectilinear motion. The area of the discharged air that occur inside banks, affects the layer of skin, improving metabolic processes in it, tearing and destroying sticky lumps of fat, adhesions between them.
Cupping therapy cannot be applied in those areas where thin skin on the inner thighs and under the knees.

Honey anti-cellulite massage

Honey has long been used in folk medicine it is used not only inside but also outside, for example, make them with masks. This is a great tool to increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage, as it helps to eliminate toxins from the upper layers of the skin and the body. Honey should be mixed with essential oils to hands when massaging don't stick to the skin, the optimal ratio is 5 drops of oil to 2 teaspoons of honey. It is more efficient to use a combination of several oils such as: lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, or lemon with orange, or lemon, juniper, lavender and orange. First mix in a separate bowl the butter, then add the honey.