Cellulite is a complex multistep process. To be beautiful and healthy, you need to get rid of orange peel. Many argue that massage is the most effective means. Is it really so?

Massage for cellulite treatment

Massage is a useful phenomenon. First and foremost it improves blood flow, speeds up any process. Anti-cellulite effect occurs on the abdomen, thighs and flanks.

Originally held the drainage action to eliminate excess fluid from these zones. This immediately reduces the volume to 1 to 4 cm from the first session, the effect is noticeable.

Further warming up body fat and muscle in each area. This leads to increase body temperature, improve circulation of fluids. Blood and lymph flow to the area, and it contributes to weight loss.

Often massage is combined with body wraps. For example, warming cream and Saran wrap on the body for 1.5 hours after the massage will help to remove a few inches.

How to achieve maximum effect from anti-cellulite massage

Cellulite massage does not guarantee that all the bumps from the skin will disappear. Depending on the stage of the lesion will be the result. It is possible that just the bumps will be much less, almost not be noticeable. Completely remove cellulite is quite difficult.

Specialist during the first visit to advise the number of times necessary to achieve the best effect. Usually the number varies from 6 to 12 times.

The best results appear only when combining massage with physical exercise. When muscles work, receive the necessary load, and adipose tissue promnutsya — inches take forever and is very easy. When done only a massage, the result is stored much less time. And achieving less.

Also stimulates weight loss and the disappearance of the orange peel sauna. Temperature fluctuations well affect the skin condition.

Physical load during anti-cellulite massage

If you go to sports center, you perform a number of exercises for the stomach area and thighs. But if time is not enough, and the massage you have already signed up, follow a few simple steps to get the best result. In the day to walk 5-7 km 1-1. 5 hours at an average speed. Or runs this distance. Time leisurely running is 40-60 minutes.

Be sure to squat. Minimum number of times is 30. And make they need at once, not several times. Also spend 15 minutes on exercise bike". Lie on your back and do legs in the air rotational movement.

To the stomach is decreased, press to swing or spin hulahoop.

In General, you need a lot of walking and a minimum of 40 minutes to do the exercises for problem areas. If you combine this with anti-cellulite massage, you will receive minus 5-7cm on the hips, which are very long not coming back.