Hair like a straw? So severely damaged cortex. It is located just under the scales tight to the barrel throughout the length of the hair. If scales are disclosed in the use of hair dye or aggressive shampoo, detergent gets directly on the web. Scales will not be closed, and your hair instantly became fuzzy and parched.
To close the scales have to wash my hair professional smoothing shampoo. It is especially popular formulations based on silicone. They are effective, but not quite harmless, because the enveloping hair, preventing cuticle to breathe. Much more effective and safer shampoo with silk proteins and amino acids. These have Sunsilk, Pantene, Syoss.
Since I have to use air conditioning and mask. Air conditioning is used in daily washing, mask - 1-2 times a week. The conditioner detangles damaged hair fluffy and softens the water. Mask deeply moisturizes hair and nourishes it with nutritious components. The mask for treatment of dry hair should enter vitamin complexes and essential oils. Keep the mask no more than 5-6 minutes, then rinse with a jet of warm water.
If you have a dry hair type, in no case do not squeeze and do not RUB your strands with a towel after washing it. It is recommended to use a Terry or bamboo towels: they absorb more moisture than cotton and synthetic. Gently Pat the strands and comb wooden comb. No metal and plastic combs and brushes! From blow-drying is also desirable to refuse.
Dried hair leave-in moisturizing agents. They possess a slight degree of fixation and have a thermoprotective effect. Beneficial for dyed hair are leave-in oil: they give brightness and radiance to the selected color. Do not overdo it, you need to apply just a few drops on your palms and evenly distribute the composition over the hair. Gels and varnishes replace mousse and foam. Tongs or straightening irons will have to temporarily put aside until better times.