Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law: who is to blame and what to do

Usually have a problem sister-in-law arise because the young family lives with husband's parents. The couple always under the supervision of, and caring second mother prepared to intervene in the event of the slightest trouble.
Trying to appease mother-in-law gifts are not always successful. You can not please than will resplice loving squabbles second mother.

To avoid this it is better to live separately. But if this is not possible - decide on a serious conversation. Explain to mother-in-law that you and the husband are no longer small. You work, provide for myself, pay utilities, buy groceries. Live completely independently and are willing to take responsibility for performed actions.

Tell that your errors, problems and quarrels are your questions. You can easily solve them without the intervention of third parties. And if you need assistance, the first thing you'll want to seek advice from it to her husband's parents. Usually such a conversation is perceived very well and the mother-in-law, if it is adequate, intelligent woman and wants only the best for you, will no longer meddle in your life.

Mother-in-law do not understand the words - how to find a common language

If the mother in law too loves his son, plans to take care of him all his life, and after a Frank conversation, she will continue to get your family. The best option in this situation would be to move out. To start at the rented apartment. But if for some reason this is impossible, you have to keep the defense together with her husband.
Always talk with the mother-in-law respectfully. Yes, your peace of mind might cause an aggressive reaction. But if after that you are going to explode - anger-in-law down, and the scandal will go on recession.

The first thing agree that behaving with her mother in law the same. That is, there should not be such that the son around agrees with mom, and daughter always opposed. You're family. Before you enter into a dispute with the mother of her husband, find out a common position. Then proceed on the basis of the decision.

Try not to annoy her and generally less grace in her eyes. It happens that relatives cling to each other just out of boredom. If you will be coming home only to sleep - you have no reason for conflict, and mother-in-law will find a new game.

If the other mother gets you on the phone - don't take it. If there's something serious, you will send SMS, and you will call back. But if the calls were for nothing, you can tell that didn't answer as was in a meeting or out of range.