Curtains for the kitchen in different styles

Classic style. If the kitchen area is large enough, the combination of the curtains of tulle with classic long Drapes will be the best solution. However, in a small kitchen classic curtains will not look good because of its length, in a small kitchen better to make the curtain didn't cover the window sill. Fabric in classic style should be chosen in accordance with the interior of the room. It is important that the colors harmonize with the color scheme of the room. Styles models organza can be very diverse, however, remember that the curtains for the kitchen is better to choose synthetic materials (they are less polluted and easier to remove).

шторы на кухню в классическом стиле

Design of curtains in the style of minimalism or hi-tech. Styles of curtains in a minimalist style distinguished by brevity and completeness of forms and absence of dense heavy fabrics. The lightweight rods are selected, in one row.

шторы на кухню в стиле минимализм

Quite often, the design of curtains for the kitchen involves so-called "Roman" curtains for high-tech style,it is advisable to use blinds, Japanese curtains or blinds.

шторы на кухню в стиле хай тек

The style of "country" or "rustic" interior. If the design of the kitchen is made in the style of "country" that used bright colors, drawing geometric forms or floral patterns. Curtains for kitchen with pelmet able to harmoniously fit into the "rustic" interior of the kitchen. Note that the lambrequins should be of small size, consist of many flounces or ruffles, and the fabric should be bright and have a flower coloring.

шторы на кухню в стиле кантри

The art Nouveau style. If the kitchen is made in modern style, the design of curtains for the kitchen can be quite unexpected. Recently, the popularity began to gain the lace curtains with photo printing, and the picture may be of General picture of the food. For example, a picture London big Ben looks great in the kitchen, in the style of Provence.

шторы на кухню в стиле модерн

Choose the style of curtains for the living room

Modern design curtains and curtains a variety of styles, colors and shapes. Living room is the room in which usually gather family and friends, therefore when designing an interior do not forget about the curtains in the room. What are the different styles of model options for the living room?

Classic. The curtain is usually made of a lightweight translucent fabric, as the Drapes used inexpensive fabric solid colors or with printed print in cool shades.

классические шторы в гостиную

Pleated blinds and shutters in the living room. Design curtains for the living room is very diverse, but the most modern option is shutters. This will easily fit into any decor, and blinds to protect from the scorching rays of the midday sun.

жалюзи в гостиную комнату

Austrian styles. In appearance the Drapes like a theatrical curtain made of quite expensive fabric and, if desired, the bottom can be prisborivat due to the cord.

Австрийские шторы в гостиную

Japanese style. Presented fabric panels that easily can be moved to any part of the window opening.

Японские шторы в гостиную

Italian style.Curtains, made in the Italian style, distinguished for its pomp and cost. If the room is decorated with these curtains, the interior needs to be relevant — the environment close to the environment of the Palace.

классические шторы в гостиную

In recent years, people often either remove the baffle between the first and second floor of the house, or initially build the room with two tiers of Windows one above the other. This interior called living room with a second light. Design curtains with 2 light involves the use of in the interior a variety of styles: fit well and light sheer curtains, and heavy draped curtains.

шторы со 2 светом

Style curtains for the hall can be quite varied, but designers recommend to stick to two rules when creating an interior: a mix of sheer fabrics with heavy curtains, and the fabric should be in one color with the room.

Design tips when choosing curtains for the bedroom

Curtain and window curtain have unique properties — they create a feeling of comfort, coziness and warmth, and this is particularly important in the bedroom. The house was quiet and peaceful, and every morning would bring good mood and joy, you need to choose the right style of curtains for the bedroom.

It is very important when choosing models to the bedroom to consider the color variation. The whole bedroom needs to be done in one color. It is not necessary that the bedspread and curtains were the same, we need only to textiles complement each other due to the hue or pattern. For example, the room in dark blue will fit perfectly Drapes light blue hue. However, does not exclude the use of contrasting colors for the curtains. Due to the contrasting colors can give the room a more finished look and to highlight the window space.

шторы сочетание цвета

Choice of style depends on the bedroom interior. For example, for the bedroom, made in withThiele and minimalist, suitable plain fabric without additional decor, while the bedroom with solid walls will look tulle with bright expressive pattern.

шторы в стиле минимализм для спальни

It is important to choose the right material. For spacious rooms suitable heavy draped curtains, they fit perfectly into a classic or historical design of the bedroom.

драпированные портьеры для спальни

For the small bedrooms would be more appropriate curtains rings made of natural fabrics (linen or cotton).

шторы на кольцах для маленькой спальни

You must choose the right length curtains in the bedroom. Traditionally, the curtains should be 2 to 5 cm from the surface of the floor, but in certain cases allowed the curtains, lying on the floor. Short curtains can be used in cases when a table is furniture, for example, is a coffee table or dresser.

Curtains D 3 bedroom

Technological progress does not stand still and designers offer such a service as the establishment of photocurtains in the bedroom. What can be design 3 D curtains for the bedroom?

Шторы 3 Д для спальни

These models, made in the technique of 3 D, are subdivided in the following categories:

  1. Depending on the applied drawing (nature, cities, flowers, abstraction, animals, etc.).
  2. Depending on the fabric (gabardine, sateen or blackout).
  3. The type of fastening (eyelets or curtain tape).