Causes of fungal infections

Causes of fungal infections can include:
- lowered immunity;
- long stay the skin in a moist environment;
wet socks or shoes;
- long wearing uncomfortable and made of synthetic materials shoes;
- increased vulnerability of the nails or of the skin (for example, after a pedicure, when there is no protection keratinized areas of the skin or cuticle);
- oral contraceptives and antibiotics;
- injuries of the feet;
- insufficient or, conversely, excessive hygiene of the feet.

The risk to meet with pathogenic fungus occurs under the condition of combining at least 2 of the above points.

Prevention of fungal infections

To avoid fungus on the feet and nails, you can use a simple precautions. Spores are resistant to extremely high or low temperature, they retain their viability and at -60 and at +100C. Fungi can survive the disinfection treatment used in the common areas.

On the beach the fungus remains alive in a month, but because it is undesirable to walk barefoot on hot sand. When visiting swimming pools, saunas, bathhouses, gyms and sports halls it is recommended to use Slippers and use local antifungal creams, polishes, ointments. After visiting the pool should be thoroughly washed.
To prevent fungal infections, it is useful to use transparent, anti-fungal lacquers. They can apply under any nail Polish as the base.

Infection fungal infection almost 65 % of cases occur in the family, in contact with the patient or his things. It can be Slippers, nail clippers, towel, clothes, shared a bath Mat, which was contaminated with fungus small flakes of skin.

Therefore, if someone in your family suffers from this disease, be very very careful. After the patient showered in the bathroom, it should be more carefully disinfected by rubbing with a loofah or sponge, pre-soaked for one hour in 5% solution of chlorine bleach. After that you have to clean the entire surface with hot water. Used patients linen should be soaked in 5% solution of chlorine bleach or boil for 25 to 30 minutes with detergent.

An important place in the prevention of fungus of feet and nails is foot care. Keratinized skin, ingrown nails, cracks – these problems stop become a breeding ground for bacteria. You must remember the basic rules of daily hygiene: washing of the feet and hands, apply moisturizing lotions and creams, essential oils, proper filing of the nails.

If your feet have calluses, abrasions, and the foot excessively dry or excessive, sweating like that, all this contributes to the appearance of the fungus. To avoid this, use creams, which prevent the occurrence of calluses, soothe dry skin, apply from sweating powders of talc. After washing be sure to wipe your feet dry, especially between your toes. In addition, treat the skin with special antiseptics.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes is also not increased in the skin of the feet and nails health. You should avoid:
- wearing footwear that rubs;
- regular and long wearing rubber shoes;
- mismatched shoes;
- use other person's shoes.

Such inconveniences can lead to corns, calluses, sweating, cracks and sores on the feet. This forms an alkaline environment that is ideal for breeding fungi. Look after your shoes, dry her well after wearing. Daily change socks and tights, try not overly uvlekaetsja synthetic socks and legwear.

The human body is daily confronted with many bacteria. But not all succumb to infection. Infection occurs in cases, when the body is already weakened. But because an important measure of prevention of nail fungus and stop is a healthy balanced diet.

To maintain the health of a significant and regular exercise. At risk are people who are the main part of the day is carried out in a sitting position, which leads to disease. The latter, in turn, disturb the blood circulation in the extremities, which leads to reduction of protective functions of the skin of the feet, hands and nails.

Toenail fungus treatment at home

Bring the fungus on the feet and nails with a special antifungal drugs, and traditional medicine. To help cope with the disease simple and effective homemade recipes. For example, to get rid of fungal infection you can use daily salt baths and iodine.

Daily treatment starts with a salt bath. In hot water (about 70 degrees) sprinkle sea salt and soda. To 1 liter of water you need to take 2 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of baking soda. Keep your feet in the bath for 30 minutes. Then, without removing his feet from the solution, thoroughly clean the affected fungal skin and nails. The feet grind a nail or stone, if the problem is in the nail – it should be cut with scissors and remove the affected layer with a nail file.
Before treatment of the affected parcel a fungal infection of the feet and nails is pre-put on the hand disposable gloves.

Wash your feet with soap and water, then, after washing hands, treat them with hydrogen peroxide. Next, dry the feet with a cloth and apply iodine on the entire surface, including sections of the fingers and subungual rollers. Fungus on the affected areas apply iodine 3 times after each drying.

In that case, if you are treating the nail, saturate with iodine several times rasped areas. After the procedure, grease foot smoothing cream. The next day, repeat all over again. Continue this treatment for one month.