Include sconces, you can use special cord or switch, which is placed close to the lamp. Of course, it is best to think about installing a sconce during the time of repair. Then you can hide in the wall all the unnecessary wires, and not use sockets. In advance you need to consider the location of wiring and to do for her.
Sconces can be connected in the following way. The first wire of the cartridge connect to the wire of the switch and make the isolation contact, the second wire of the cartridge connect to wire plugs and complete insulation. The remaining wire plugs and connect switch between the insulation and make contact.
When buying a bra, pay attention to a built-in switch in the form of a chain, cord or buttons, as there are models that are missing these important elements.
But even if you have a wall lamp without switch, it can be corrected. Just need to drill the housing hole, which then will be installed the switch. It is desirable to make the hole slightly wider than the cord switch to be able to first insert a section of plastic tubing that will protect the cord from chafing on the edge of the hole.