Set lunch. What is it?

Set lunch is quite hearty and inexpensive lunch, consisting of simple dishes. In those companies whose employees can eat for free in the workplace, Lunches or preparing a professional chef (included in the staff of the company, or invited) or bring them to the office ready-made and just heated up.

Meals must meet several mandatory requirements. First, of course, they have to be tasty and satisfying. Secondly, the daily menu, these dinners are not the same. Thirdly, the cost should be moderate. Therefore, as a rule, set meals consist of the most simple dishes that don't require any expensive ingredients, no long and complicated cooking. In addition, in order to save many of the components of appetizers and the first (or second) dishes included in these menus may be the same. For example, if the first dish is soup, appetizer or maybe a salad, one component of which is thinly shredded cabbage, or salad, the main component of which boiled beets. Or if the first dish is soup with meatballs (minced meat), the second dish can be cutlets or meatballs, made from the same meat with different side dishes.

What should be the lunch

Dishes the set menus have to be not only inexpensive, hearty and delicious, but also useful. It is therefore recommended to include salads, vegetables, which are well stimulate the appetite and contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Set lunch, there are many, for example, the appetizer salad from cabbage, carrots and radish, dressed with oil and vinegar; the first dish is a cabbage soup with beef broth; main course – beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes. Or snack – salad, first course – soup based on chicken broth, main dish – grilled chicken with steamed vegetables or cooked pasta.

Many companies have preserved the tradition of the Soviet times: one of the days of the week (usually Thursday) is declared fishing day, that is, the first and second meals (and sometimes snacks) are prepared from fish. Then the menu can be something like this: appetizer – vegetable salad, entree – ear (for any recipe), main dish – a piece of grilled or boiled fish with mashed potatoes. In most cases, the serving of the dessert in the set menu is not available.