You will need
  • - boomerang
  • - open space.
To begin, select the area where you'll master the handling of a boomerang. Find a stadium, a Playground, a wasteland with a diameter of at least 40-50 meters. In any case, do not practice in areas where the enemy can easily someone hurt. The man himself throwing the boomerang should be strictly in the center of the selected area. The trajectory of the boomerang - like eight- first, it will describe a loop in front of you, then behind your back. While strictly in the center, you will protect yourself from possible injuries.
Carefully touch the boomerang. Usually one of its sides flat and the other convex. Convex face in flight should be directed to the sky. Keep the boomerang for the tip ( the hand should be no more than 3 cm) between the thumb, index and middle fingers. Such capture is convenient for easy guns. Heavy boomerang is best to hold in a fist. In this case the thumb should be pressed against the convex side of the boomerang.
Many beginners try to start the boomerang parallel to the ground. And to do quite the opposite. It needs to be aimed almost perpendicular to the horizon, but a slight tilt should be to the right. Otherwise, the boomerang is simply a sharp rise up and then collapse down.
The cast must be strong and sharp. Because the boomerang is necessary not only to fly from you, but to come back. If the throw was not strong enough, the boomerang will fall somewhere on the site, and the desired effect you will get. To catch the weapon should priklepyvayut movement of the palms, located horizontally one above another.
Consider the wind. In principle, in the presence of wind with speed of 2 m/s boomerang throwing. Point it into the wind, slightly to the right of its motion. But for beginners it is better to refrain from such an undertaking. The skill to handle a boomerang in windy conditions comes with experience.