Of course, the size and appearance of the future scar depends on the magnitude of the surgery and the professionalism of the surgeon, but to do something to improve the future of its appearance before the removal of stitches. Extension scarsthat are located near joints or places where there is the greatest likelihood of stretching of the skin (e.g. Breasts), can be prevented if you will use strips. A strip of special adhesive, removing the tension of the tissues around the scar. If necessary, they can be used within three months after the operation.
To deal with scar removal at once is impossible. You will have to wait a few months until it partially dissolves, it will become softer and paler. You may need to contact the surgeon again (if the scar is very wide) excision of skin with the scar and the imposition of intradermal suture. This seam is usually threading, small, and maybe you won't need any other drastic measures for getting rid of the scar.
Small scars may fade if you use special ointments with absorbable and healing effect. These drugs restore blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of tissues. It is best to apply them, combining with physiotherapy. These ointments applied two or three times a day for three months.
For deeper penetration in the skin healing ointments and creams used ultrasound several sessions of phonophoresis. Unfortunately, to remove in this way all of the scars, and not every person is suitable for.
A more effective method of dealing with scars is phototherapy. It consists in the irradiation of scarsth tissue with light of a specific wavelength, which is produced by a special lamp.
If the scar is large and to remove it by simple means is not possible, contact the surgeon who, based on the size of the scar, its nature and location, properties of the skin and other important factors recommends you a more radical way of getting rid of the scar.
One of the common ways of therapeutic treatment of scars is mesotherapy – injections of therapeutic drugs in scarringth fabric. This contributes to the active development of healthy collagen.
Another popular method of correction scarring mechanical dermabrasion. In this case, using a special device to remove the top layer of the skin. Healing it occurs within two to three weeks after this procedure and a full recovery in a few months. The method is not for everyone and does not give a perfect result, because the scar is not removed, only polished.
Many experts prefer to use laser resurfacing of scars. The laser gently and layer by layer removal of old scar tissue, stimulates the recovery process of skin cells. This operation is performed most often with the use of anesthesia always has its individual characteristics. Especially popular erbium lasers, which affect the rumen without heating tissue and do not damage neighboring. The skin regenerates itself in this case about three months.