You will need
  • 1. Own way from isolation to active life position
  • 2. The positive mindset
  • 3. Formed vital reference
  • 4. Meeting people of different nationalities and religions
  • 5. The ability to feel people from the first minute Dating
The ability to find common language with people who seem at first glance, have nothing in common with us, one was given by nature, and others can learn this important life skill. You must agree that even our best friends once seemed to us in varying degrees strangers.

Start with a type of thinking that makes it easier to find a common language with other people. Be ready to focus on others, be interested in their thoughts, needs, hopes, joys, sorrows, etc. in Short, you need to get out of their world, to be open and friendly.
Be prepared to take the initiative. Don't be afraid to get to know people first. Don't wait to create some conditions for this to happen, and learn to create them yourself. Please note how easily and naturally get to know each other children.
If you want to find a common language with a stranger, you need to learn to balance between the ability to hear the other person and your own openness. Speak your mind, but be able to hear the other person.
Learn to see good in any person. Don't look at his skin color, social status, etc. a Valid gem in any man's possession of dignity and high moral character.
Speak with a person on topics that you want to merge. So, people often brings together past experience or, conversely, dreams, and vision for the future. Besides, you can always talk about sports, hometown, language, country, culture, customs, etc., People also often share the work, Hobbies, mutual friends.
In any situation, stay confident, calm, open. Be sure that anyone will be happy to meet with you. Everyone is different, but this difference can sometimes merge. Learn to feel other people, connect with them on an emotional level. It will also help you to be confident in any situation.